“The lord of the city is printed here!Lord Santo has agreed,Take the post of City Lord Hongliu,Give way to Mr. Mu Nanmu!”While Lu Menglin shouted loudly,Left hand raised high,There is something in the palm,Shining,It’s the Lord of the City。

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this moment,Everyone was stunned,Whether it is Mr. Mu,Nanfengtian and Wudang,Including the people of the god nation on the street,They were all stunned,I can’t believe my eyes at all。
How could the city lord’s seal fall into the hands of hero Lu?When did he sneak into the City Lord’s Mansion?
I heard that the masters in the city lord’s mansion are like clouds,The city guards are heroic at war,Everyone thinks that there may be a fierce battle of life and death next,I don’t know how easy it is to get the city lord seal,It’s incredible to the extreme。
“The former city lord Liu Daren also said,The soldiers and civilians of Hongliu City have been squeezed by the four major families for many years,It’s too bitter,He is willing to take out a little savings from the City Lord’s Mansion,Return wealth to the people。From now on, Hongliucheng will depend on Mr. Mu!”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin waved his hand,Dozens of city guards filed out from behind him,Everyone is holding a big box in his hand,Qi Shushu was placed at the gate of the city lord’s mansion。
These big boxes were opened on the spot,It’s all jade yuan and treasures,Jin Cancan,Bright,Not dazzling。
Old man Mu Nanmu resisted the doubts in his heart,Took a deep breath,First glanced at Lu Menglin with his eyes,Then he said aloud:“No talent and no virtue,Not worthy of the position of Lord Hongliu,Everyone please be smart!”
This remark,Wei Xiaoxing mixed in the crowd,The first one yelled out loud:“Lord Mu is the lord of the city,For the sake of the people,We are the first to support!”
“Correct!Lord Mu is the lord of the city,We have a good life!”Wudang also shouted in the crowd。
Mu Clan、People from Hu’s Firm,Southern Clan,People from Beigong,More and more people are yelling at the same time,I hope Mr. Mu can take over as the city lord。
There are many people involved in this riot,Almost all the people in Hongliu City participated,But the nature of this action is extremely restrained,After all,Although there are many people,But in this crowd,There is still manipulation by the shadow of the family。
There are wise people among them,It’s very clear that if Red Willow City continues to cause trouble,Especially after overthrowing the city lord mansion,I’m afraid it will be a disaster。
Because Hongliu City is just a border city among the gods,A city like this,There are hundreds of them on the Shenmin Continent,And above Hongliu City,There are four great god cities,There are real nobles in those god cities,There are millions of protoss army,That power,It’s not Red Willow City can resist。
So the so-called overthrow of exploiters in Hongliucheng,Only limited to the four big families,Move up again,Will face the annihilation of the God City army,And this result,Is everyone,Whether it is family,Still people,I don’t want to see。
but,If Old Man Mu becomes the lord of the city,That’s another situation。
At least in name,The riot became controllable,It is also in the interests of the great nobles in the city。
It’s just not clear to everyone,How did Lu Menglin convince the former city owner?,Actually handed the city lord Dayin to him,And call him old man Feng Mu as the new lord。