“Yes,I do have a surprise for you。This is the address and the key,You can get the gift I prepared for you after you enter the room。”Xi Jingnan took a card and handed it to her,Dark eyes。

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Chen Rou only cares about her pride,Didn’t notice his expression at all。
“it is good!”Took the card,She laughed excitedly。
Xi Jingnan looks at her,The corners of the mouth also twitched a smile,It’s just that smile always looks like a conspiracy。
Chen Rou arrived at the designated location with joy after work,Is a high-end apartment complex。
She opened the door with the key,I thought it was a surprise waiting for her,I didn’t know that I found five men standing in the house when I entered。
“Why are you here!Didn’t you get caught by the police?!”
Chen Rou’s expression is extremely ugly,Because the five people in front of you are not others,It’s the little gangsters who almost tarnished Su Yunxi。
“Ha ha,We now have a new job。”
“……what?”Chen Rou’s hands shaking,A bad hunch came up spontaneously。
Five men smiled evilly,One of them blocked the door,The other four dragged Chen Rou into the room abruptly。
Not long,A woman’s scream came from the room,And the lewd laughter of a few men。
Chen Rou disappeared,Seems to happen overnight。
Su Yunxi thought he was in Xi Jingnan’s ward,Will see that‘Live Erotica’Picture of。Did not expect,But his room is extremely quiet。
“Why did you come?”Xi Jingnan looked at her figure,Can’t help but mutter。
In fact, after Lu Yan’s incident happened,He is also a bit uncomfortable。Just that little guilt,Fleeting,Compared to his brother-in-law’s death,Su Yunxi owes the entire Xi family!