“how about it?I have shown enough sincerity。What about your decision?”The Jade Prince thinks he will kill,It also poses a pose of a superior。

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Even Lu Menglin was a little stunned,Can’t help but point to the people behind the Jade Prince,Frowned:“So many people have seen you kill someone!Among them are police officers,Don’t you need to explain?”
The jade prince was slightly taken aback when he heard the words,Feel a bit bad,But still bite the bullet and smiled:“explain?What do i need to explain?Do you need me to explain?I am the Jade Prince,My uncle is Hong Tae Ran!Can the laws of Hong Kong Island control me??”
What he said,When he arrived, he turned his head and yelled at the group of high-ranking officials behind him.。
Suddenly,Whether it is a business giant,Still the top of the police,They were all too scared to say anything before absolute power,Shaking their heads one after another,remain silent。
The Jade Prince is a member of the Secret Medicine Group,A special existence like him,Is clearly above the law,This is the change that power brings。The law only sanctions ordinary people,For this kind of person who already possesses extraordinary power,Can only remain silent。
“You don’t need to explain to them,But you need to give me an explanation!”Lu Menglin frowned,Said loudly。
Chapter six hundred The overall situation is determined
The Jade Prince heard what Lu Menglin said,Can’t help but startled,Then he burst into laughter。
“Haha!You are so interesting!You don’t think my Jade Prince is afraid of you?I kill her,Because she didn’t listen to my orders。Who do you think you are?My uncle will come to Hong Kong Island soon!Dare you touch me?”The Jade Prince laughed。
Although he doesn’t want to provoke this kid in front of him,But he also thinks the other party will not move him!
After all,Shadow of tree,His uncle is a venerable,It’s the one that governs the Golden Triangle again,He really doesn’t believe these two guys from the Golden Triangle,Dare to offend yourself。
not to mention,He himself is not the kind without combat power,After all, he is also a blue-eyed fighter,I’m still a little confident in the strength of self-protection。
“Your uncle is Hong Tae Ran?”Lu Menglin smiled,Asked rhetorically。
“of course!He is the master of cultivation,Pinch you to death,It’s like pinching a bug。”The Jade Prince laughed。
“Ok!Then you can die!”After Lu Menglin finished speaking,Body shape,I arrived in front of the Jade Prince in no time。
Gently pointed the middle jade prince’s forehead,Gang Jin came in,Kill all his vitality instantly。