The tone of Xi Jingnan’s command made Su Yunxi a little confused,But what can I do now?It’s not just what Xi Jingnan meant。

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Take off your shoes,Trying to step into the bath。
But I didn’t expect to slip,The whole person’s center of gravity is out of balance,Head knocked on the side。
An instant,Su Yunxi only feels that his mind is spinning。
And Xi Jingnan was really upset by this stupid woman。
“If you think I’m interested in your love right now,Trouble you to figure out your identity first,Get out quickly,Stand outside,I’ll call you after I wash it。”
Su Yunxi supported the wall with one hand,Walk out slowly,Carefully touch his forehead,There seems to be warm liquid coming out。
This is simply a disaster,Su Yunxi didn’t dare to say that his head was broken,Just thinking about waiting for Xi Jingnan to come out,Hope not to lose too much blood。
Cover your head with one hand,Holding Xi Jingnan’s bath towel in one hand,She doesn’t seem to know what her dignity is.
Chapter Twenty Nine Give way
I have ordered Xi Jingnan’s favorite fragrance in the room.,The bloody smell is well masked by the woody fragrance。
Su Yunxi is bringing a child again,Overtime work again,Never sleep well。She wanted to go back and lie down soon,But I don’t know why Xi Jingnan stays in the bath,No sound。
Is it,problem occurs?
A little bit in my heart,When I was about to ask,But I heard someone coming out inside。She quickly turned her back,Handed out the bath towel。
Stupid woman,Can’t do anything well!When Xi Jingnan approached Su Yunxi, he smelled a bloody smell。