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Chapter six hundred and ten late autumn
The man who walked out of the Porsche sports car,Immediately aroused the curiosity and attention of many girls around。
In fact, he is only good-looking,But tall,It’s more than 1.5 meters,After putting on a slim Korean suit,Looks very tall and straight,Also very aura。
This man is well dressed,Have a model figure,Another Porsche car endorsed him,It’s a living template of being rich and handsome。
In the eyes of everyone,This man in a Porsche luxury car strode towards the tea party entrance of the gaming club,Followed closely behind Lu Menglin。
The location of the entrance,Some girls are doing registration,Their eyes are all fixed on the man behind Lu Menglin,I almost ignored the guests in front of me。
Lu Menglin walked towards the entrance,I’m going in now,I was stopped。
“Sorry,Only internal members are entertained here,Not open to the outside world。And don’t accept children。”A fat girl with freckles stretched out her hand to stop Lu Menglin,Some stern shout。
The girls who stood by the door to greet the guests did not think that Lu Menglin was also a member of Lengyue Guild,Because there are very few male members in the guild,And they are only approved by the club’s heavyweights.。
This guy in front of me,Actually holding the baby,I guess I wanted to sneak in and eat and drink.!
“Can’t you enter with a child??”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Asked。
A girl nearby giggled:“Not really!If you are a member of our guild,Holding smallBBCan also go in。Here is a party for internal members,No foreign visitors。”
Lu Menglin smiled a little when seeing this girl,Nodded:“I am a member of Cold Moon Guild,Someone invited me。”
I heard him say the four words Lengyuegui,The girls guarding the gate were really surprised,One of them asked:“What is your name in the guild?”
“what.That one,Overlord Aotian!”Lu Menglin’s face is reddish,To speak the name of this super second,It really takes some courage!
Hear the name,The handsome man behind him couldn’t hold back.,Laughed out loud on the spot。
Some welcome girls, look at me,I see you,There is a look of suspicion in the eyes。
“Overlord Aotian?Ok!I have never seen this name!”
“Haha!Such a second name,If in the guild,We must have an impression。”