“you……”Lin Yuner is so angry that she can’t speak anymore!

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“What happened,Xiao Liu?”A male voice came from not far away。
The lady at the front desk heard this male voice,My face changed immediately。
Turned around with a flattering look,Said respectfully to the man:“manager,These two people who don’t know good or bad are making trouble here unreasonably,I’m confronting them!”
The manager glanced at Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan,Don’t know,Didn’t even ask a question,Said to the receptionist:“Xiao Liu,Hurry up if you want to blast out,There are big people eating,And the boss is still there today,Once it affects these big people and the boss to eat,I don’t think you need to do this job anymore!”
“do not worry,do not worry,manager,I will use the fastest speed。”Xiao Liu quickly promised。
“That’s good!”After the manager saw Xiao Liu’s guarantee,I didn’t even look at Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er again,Going back!
“You stop!”Lin Yuner shouted。
After the manager heard this call,I also stopped unconsciously,Then he pointed to himself and asked in disbelief:“you,You are talking to me?”
Lin Yuner looked unconvinced,Pointing at the manager,Said to him:“Correct,I’m talking about you!”
The manager laughed when he heard this!
How long,The manager himself can’t remember how long it’s been since someone dared to talk to him like this。
Chapter One Hundred and Nine throw it out
Since he became the manager of this restaurant,Few people in the entire Yun City dared to speak to him in this tone。
Those with higher status will treat him nicely,Those with a lower status must flatter him。
So that the manager is now,I have forgotten the feeling of being spoken like this。
very good!
The manager sneered,To Lin Yoona:“Little girl,you are very good,Dare to talk to me like this,You have good courage!”
Lin Yuner thinks she is reasonable,Plus Xiao Fan is here,She doesn’t think the manager dares to do anything with him?