“Recall my attitude carefully,I haven’t said that I am resisting the science.,On the contrary, I am helping him say good words.。”Deputy president said。

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“You betrayed the president?”
“His strength is very strong,Perhaps you can get a good grade in this group match,Is this the most favorable result for the president??What you have to say,He wants to replace your position,Not my deputy society,Can I not a stakeholder?,stupid——Egg。”
Talking about the last,Deputy President exposed funny and smiling face。
Flat life collapsed,I didn’t expect their own deputy director to be thrown.!
——Come on,Jin Tian!
finally,He still can only believe in a teammate together.。
Due to the failure of local fighting,【Macaque】Becomes too arrogant,Directly into the Tihu demolition above white chess。
Tip block,Forcibly,New round fight!
Hey, this person is angry and angry.。
Hand talk,Kohumang, of course, knowing the present mentality of the other party,Quickly provoke some uncomfortable battles。
Jin Tian Yiro’s hand,Has been covered by the thorn,Tell slightly slightly。
In fact, the science is also very strange.,It is clear that he is a hammer of their teachers.,How did this group dare to challenge this??
If he is a Dihua protagonist,Now it’s definitely already in various brains.,Guess the return of them,Is it that heaven and earth and the Tiangou Dahua cultivated home?。
But he is too lazy to manage so much,This kind of opponent automatically queues the script,It is what he is looking forward to。
Partial,A arrow is forced to jump on the right black chess.!
It is often an annoyed thing that is often annoyed.,Especially in the case of this fight,You actually dare to throw a child.,Is it a small opponent??
“10、9、8”suddenly,Time clock came to black chess,Since the battle is thinking too long,Leading to Tianjin15Minutes have been used,Started with backup time。
“hateful”Intraunction,Jin Tian bites his teeth,It should be in the position of the tip,Is a very fancy。
“Oh?This step is full of demon wind,Do he want to start the Jedi counterattack??”Flat life。
Kohuma smells the nose,Also smell a fan of a demon。
A taste with the six god flower dew。
Let’s look at it again。
——Always felt,This corner seems to have a means。
Corporate is helping the next jaw。
Chess is faint。
He is also starting with the second day.:“10、9、80。”
Once you have a second time,There is also the last second second。
Everyone listened to this kind of death,They all pinched the cold sweat for the science.,As if they are sitting under the board。
Emperor is not urgent,Is such that。
Last Second Falls,Trusted in the second road。
This is a foot kick.,In the middle【Macaque】Door。
“Look,Like a partial hand?”Flat life。
Why is this person you can take a might of the second?,Jin Tian also chose to look the strongest response——Blocked outside!
“Hey,Change seems to be complicated.。”
“It seems to be kill。”
“Which is longer?”
“White chess,White chess is alive!”
Jin Tian,Pawn。
Corruguang stretched a lazy waist in the chair,Pillow open on the arm:“thank,Advocate。”