The fan group brought by the ice,Because of the investment of the contestant,And the Chuan Group received half of the seat,And these positions make the fans of the night gay.。

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Contrast the exciting night,The bald head is a kind of no such thing as a look.。In his opinion,He participated in the martial arts contest with night,I have reached it now.。
Now the final is played by them.,No matter who wins the last thing,Ten million bonuses will enter their two pockets。
So in the light head,Last this final,It’s okay to play.,I should get the bonus now.。
But watching this posture,But it doesn’t seem to be ready to make it casually.
“Night, what are you doing??We have won,Is it necessary to be so serious??”
Press the wig on the head,I am afraid of fake,More than a bonus soup,Will face a fine。
Because the reason is not strong before,The wigs of the bald head are quite secure,But the opponent is the night.,Wig have fallen。
“We haven’t seriously played again.,Although I know that I may not be your opponent now,But don’t hit a game,Sure enough, it is quite unhappy.!”
With the night of the night,He suddenly broke out a white air flame,The breath on the body began to gradually climb。
The whole platform began to shake dramatically.,Surrounding gravel,Starting to show the floating state of the anti-gravity。
Night hi begins to take your own gas,Filling the body,Keep the strongest battle gesture。
“It’s too powerful.,Although I don’t know what the night player did.,But this horrible momentum,And the entire shake,Even my foreman,I know that the night player at this time has taken the real strength.!”
Distance to the nearest host,It can be said that it is the most profound.,Feel the entire shake ground,He even doubted that he was in the place where he was near.,Will there be a danger of life??
“Is this true strength??When fighting with me,His even half of the strength did not come out.!”
I saw the night wrapped in the white airweight.,Where is the water dragon?,When I was fighting with him,How much strength didn’t come out at all。
If it is the previous night,Dragon feels that he will go back to cultivate a few years.,There is also the hope of winning,So now I am filled with my body.,Just let the dragon feel unmatched。
Other people on the audience,Nights who saw the outbreak,The reaction is also different at this time.。
Those fans giving night refueling,Seeing the idol suddenly seems like a good look,Naturally sold。
Jenos quickly opened the video function,Prepare HD recorded the next battle。
Night and Qi Yu’s battle,This is a good research data,Jenos is ready to record,Go back to study hard。
Although the night and the daily small dozen of the teacher,But this regular matchup,It seems that it has not yet?。
Dragon is leaving your seat,I think I will pick up the night.。
Others don’t know the terrible,Her toll is quite clear。
Night is very strong,But what is playing with the head,Still too dangerous。
Dragon rolls don’t want your brother to be injured,So she wants to stop this fight。
But she just floated,Sitting on the snow next to her,It seems that I feel the dragon volume。
“Blow up snow,What do you want to do?You don’t know how exaggerated that bald,Night fight with him,It will be seriously injured!”
Look at the snow that is pulling your own,Dragon rolls are quite dissatisfied,If it is other opponent, even if it is.,The dragon roll is still confident on his brother.。
But that bald head,Even if you exhaust all your mind,I can’t hurt each other.,Such terrorism,Night can’t win at all。
“Even if so,If your sister is now rushing to stop the night?,Then he must hate you.。
Take a look at the expression of the night.,He is very happy now,Maybe he is looking forward to this battle for a long time.。
Even if you know you can’t overcome,But people always have a challenge to launch a peak that cannot pass over??Just like the current night。”
Blowing snow can understand the mood of the night,Because the current night,Just like yourself,In the face of the dragon roll this sister,Although I feel weak,But I want to surpass her heart,But I never calm a moment.!
“Night is now growing up.,He knows the consequences,And I have been growing up under my sister’s wings.,We can’t get growth!”
Swearing,Let the dragon’s challenge to sit back,But press can’t hold the hand feet,Still confirmed, at this time, his owner’s heart is uneasy.。
“Yes,I understand,Then we will put a game.!”
See the night of the opposite breath,Qi Yu also understood the determination of the night.,And as the night’s breath continues to become strong,Qi Yusu actually has a long-lost blood。
“So starting!”
Almost simultaneously in the referee,Night, instantly disappeared in the same place,Once again,I have suddenly appeared in front of Qi Yu。