Rui Rui shoots the thighs to stand up and talk:“I have something to do.!”

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“What’s up?”
“I have to arrange a good arrangement.。”
Ruoruity is really going to arrange it well.,Also think about who is going back。
Qi Rui first arranged the team,Also decided to bring back people,The other three people have been well decided.,Fu Yingxue must be one of them.,The second is Su Wenqian,The last one is Ti Tiecheng,Because this kid left the party, our army is very threatened.,Take him directly to modern,Let him see what I know now.。
On October 16th,According to the system requirements,Huriously put Zheng Yao first、Fu Yingxue、Song Jian、Tang Rui、Tie Tiecheng、Su Wenqian、Zhuang Xiaoman is called to follow。
“Small nine,Is there any task??”Zheng Yao first asked,
“Nine brother,Recently, I have a busy living in the West.,Do you want to leave??”Su Wenqian asked,
“I have to talk to you now.,You all listen,This is related to your future,I have already said to you very clearly.,This is the final decision。”
Reliary to take them to let them decide,If people don’t want to follow,You have to take it away, it is certainly not working.,Unfair is not worried about people,Because there is a back member outside。
“Nine brother,What is so serious??”Pool Tiecheng asked,
Rui Rui said after another explanation:“I have said to you.,I am from eighty years later.,Now the little devil has run,My mission is completed,I have to go back to the future,I can take seven people going back,I have said this before I have said this.,You also said that you are willing to leave with me.,Now I will finally ask you once.,Do you agree??”
before this,Rui Rui said with a few people alone.,Originally Zheng Yao did not want to go,Rui Rui told him the difficulties,Tell him everything that will happen later.。
The last six brothers decided to follow the modernity,It is not to send Zhao Ji.、Song Xiaoyan, they help the brothers。
Fu Yingxue、Zhuang Xiaoman、Song Jian、Tang Rui、Su Wenqian has no problem,Where are they all, where did they go?,Tiecheng see others agree,He nature does not refuse,Because this thing is very nice to him.。
Seven people all expressed their willingness to go back to modern times together.,The system starts transmission immediately,The process is not so complicated.,It’s just that the eight people have lost their feelings.。
Waiting for them to wake up is on a beautiful island,Looking for someone to ask if you know this is the Philippines,Rui Rui finds itself in modern clothes,Luggage,Look at the baggage and documents to find the passport passport。
At this time, the sound of the system sounded:“Welcome to 201 years,System generation task,Going to Japan to get a precious national treasure that is taken away by the Japanese during at least sixteen battles.。”
“How is this difficulty??”Qi Rui,
“This is the task that must be completed,Uncomfortable people will be sent back to 1945。”
“That is, everyone must get two pieces.,What way is it??”
“In the absence of violation of Japanese law,You can use any means。”
“Will they also get a reward??”Rui Rui looks at the seven people who haven’t woken up.,
“Don’t consider rewards first,Because you don’t need it all。”
“What’s the meaning?”
“Zhuang Xiaoman is still in foreign countries,She asks to inherit the identity of Zhuang Xiaoman,Because these have been arranged in four or five years.。”
“Uh!At that time, the company is still there.!?”
“After so many years of operation,Already one of the world’s five hundred companies。”
“Okay!No wonder Zhuang Xiaoman followed back。”
“Follow it back because she is your woman。”
“I found now you can communicate with you.?”
“certainly,Because I have a modern technology support,Naturally, can communicate with you anytime, anywhere。”
“That will then say it.,I have to explain everything with them.。”
“correct,Why are we in the Philippines??”