Although Li Tianchou had lunch,,But hospitality is hard,I had to accompany everyone to drink,Seven or eight people killed three and a half bottles of liquor in half an hour,If it weren’t for Lao Yan,,Everyone will continue to drink。The workers blushed and carried the guy to say goodbye to Li Tianchou.,Go to work。

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Looking empty,But a very familiar workshop,Li Tianchou felt emotional,I really hate these workers,I don’t know what my future will be like when I go to work at the company,I hope everyone’s life is better day by day。
Sit for a while,The old winter melon walked into the shed,Seeing Li Tianchou was a little restrained,My mouth squirmed for a long time before a word came out,“Brother Lee,I want to thank you for winter melon。”
Li Tianchou smiled and patted the old winter melon on the shoulder,“Don’t say anything,Get along,Take one。”He said that he would pass the remaining half bottle of wine to the old winter melon。
Old winter melon excited,Nothing,A neck,Gudong Gudong went down more than half。Shocked Li Tianchou,I can’t see that this old guy has an amazing drink,It’s a double repair。
After they drank the rest of the wine,Li Tianchou packed up his simple and poor luggage and left the construction site。
Drink a lot at noon,Li Tianchou came to the front desk of Pantai Fushan Company with a red face。A breath of alcohol will bring the front deskMMRoll your eyes。But how smart the little girl is,To overcome all difficulties,At the risk of being swallowed by alcohol at any time,Guided Li Tianchou to the reception area with a smile on his face。
Li Tianchou is naturally rude,Carrying luggage roll,Hanging two big tea mugs,Tap on canvas sneakers,Sat on the comfortable sofa。Front deskMMI even poured a cup of green tea for him,Just withdraw and leave。
quickly,One with golden eyes,A middle-aged woman in professional attire came to the reception area,I was surprised to see Li Tianchou’s appearance,Although the front desk in the morningMMI’ve already described Li Tianchou’s appearance.,But the middle-aged woman still can’t believe her eyes,Oh,Cake seller!Is this the future assistant president??She hurried back to find the front deskMMConfirmed,I came to Li Tianchou again。
“Hello there,Are you Li Tianchou, Mr. Li??”Although the middle-aged woman is very polite,But it’s hard to hide his contempt and arrogance。
Li Tianchou hurriedly got up and nodded,“Correct,My name is Li Tianchou。”
“Hello there,I am from the companyHR,I will handle your entry procedures。”The middle-aged woman frowned to avoid the alcohol scent from Li Tianchou,The action is a bit exaggerated,And the tone is very blunt。
Li Tianchou has realized that his outfit is really shabby,Incompatible with the office environment,But seeing this woman so arrogant and rude,What do you give me back“HR”,Angry,I stood politely,He just sat down on the sofa again,I also raised Erlang’s legs,Said with a smile:“Then trouble you。”
The middle-aged woman had a bad first impression of Li Tianchou,Seeing the other party so dismissive of myself,I can’t help getting angry,If it wasn’t for Huayun to confess,,She already swears,She secretly despised Hua Yun’s eyes in her heart,Even if the old cow eats tender grass,You have to pick a handsome guy like Mr. Kim,What kind of perverted look is this。
The middle-aged woman was originally a direct line of Jincheng,I don’t actually have a cold with Hua Yun,Who knows how long this female president will work and leave,No matter what,Jin Chengcai is the general manager of Fukuyama Corporation,I don’t need to be too close to this powerful woman。
She resisted her anger and pulled out two pieces of paper from the folder at hand,“This is a labor agreement,After you read it, you can sign。”He passed the paper to Li Tianchou like throwing a handkerchief,Due to frivolous action,A piece of paper fell on the ground。
Li Tianchou picked up the paper quietly,Will fix this arrogant old woman。Start pretending to read carefully,And verbatim,Have words in your mouth,Like old school,Occasionally shake his head。
at first,Middle-aged women can stand there and wait,But I didn’t expect this hillbilly to watch it over and over again,Is there gold on the paper?I still don’t know the words and pretend?
Waited a while,thisHRComrades are really untenable,Stubborn, she doesn’t even bother with migrant workers like Li Tianchou,So I thought it would be more comfortable standing condescending,I didn’t expect to run into such a 250。