Wang Youcai glanced at Lu Monkey and said:“What happened?I heard that you are always recruiting,Continuously develop your own power,Do you want to grab a place with me?“

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“Ugh!President Wang,This is not a place to talk,How about this!Find a place,Let’s talk secretly。Don’t you say,We really have a good place in the city,I’ll take it for fun,Guaranteed to make you happy“Lu Monkey smiled so much*Extremely。Wang Youcai heard that there is something fun,Suddenly came in interest,Moreover,He doesn’t know after eating this bowl of rice,Where should he go?
Wang Youcai already had a plan,But he still deliberately asked:“What you said is true?It’s so fun?If it’s a lie,I really get angry“
“Are all from the south,All water spirits。A bed,Give you a full body massage first,Wash afterwards,That’s a whole set of processes。When you’re done, you can play whatever you want“Monkey Lu said,While laughing,Looks so funny。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Lead the way!What are you waiting for?“
Lu Zi hurriedly got up,Take Wang Youcai and two people out of the small restaurant,They stopped a car on the road and rushed away,I left the two yellow hairs on the side of the road and didn’t bother。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,It should be a familiar road,But monkey Lu brought him to this place,Haven’t been here yet。Turned out to be a star hotel in Pingdu,I don’t know what kind of famous hall will be on this hotel,This Wang Youcai really doesn’t know。
I got into the elevator and reached the 9th floor,Just out of the elevator,Then a male waiter greeted me,Lu Monkey attached to his ear and whispered a few words。This guy took Wang Youcai and Lu Monkey into a secret door,Walk inside,Just a room,room There are sofas and coffee tables in the room,Near the corner is a row of iron cabinets。
“The two gentlemen can lock their clothes in the cabinet,And are you acquaintances or calling numbers?”The waiter asked with a smile on his face。
Lu Monkey smiled and said:“My name is number six,Mr. Wang, call any!”
Wang Youcai hesitated,Smiled and said:“Where is the number eight?!Bad words,I want to return”
“Mrs. Wang will pick it,This number eight is our top card here,Big chest,Body like the devil,It’s too late for you to like it,Where to return”The male waiter said with a smile。
Wang Youcai won’t talk nonsense with this person,Stood up and said:“Take me there!”The waiter smiled slightly,Reach out and push on the cabinet in the corner。My boy,I saw another secret door appeared on the wall。It seems that there are many institutions here,The boss has spent a lot of thought。
Wang Youcai took a look,Turned out to be a bed,There is a shower head beside the bed or something,Anyway, this is the first time he has seen this scene。Just when he looked around,When I am curious,The door opened,Walked in a tall woman。It’s like what the kid said,Big chest,The fart suit lifted the top of the short skirt up, Lao Gao。
“The boss takes off the clothes first,Lie on the bed。This bed has just been disinfected,Pretty clean”This woman said,Two took off their clothes。Only left two palm-sized underwear。
Wang Youcai’s eyes straightened,He walked to this woman,Put an arm around her waist,Then the other hand touched her chest,Deliberately asked:“So big,Won’t it be fake?!”