One installation,Almost no change,It’s better to think about how to fill the skill card slot.。

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Decide how to do it,Night is no longer hesitant,Directly continued to extract。
Hesitation will be defeated,Decisiveness!
Because not use“Hero points”Category screening,What can I now?,It’s really completely determined by the character.。
Night heart, turn up a card,Looking at the top of the above,Excited mood is hot and cold。
This card card,Is a pig in a trousers trousers trousers,The expression should be more wretched。
The focus is this pig,Night, not only know,Not long ago, I have seen it in Bama.……
Skill card:Oolong transient(From the Dragon Ball World)
Related introduction:Specialty of transforming kindergarten,Oolong has the ability to become a variety of things,But because of the reason for learning,This change is slightly defective。
ps:What do you want to do with this transformation??Attempt,You don’t have to say it.,I already know what you want to do.!
Directly ignore the system to spitps,Night looked at this card,Some complex mood。
If this card is transformed,If it is not a defective,It’s still a bit for the night.。
Withsure“Transfiguration”different,Oolong’s transfiguration should be more advanced。
Stem“Transfiguration”It has only the effects of changing the shape and appearance.,Simply, it is obvious method.。
Oolong’s change,Can change the substance itself,For example, it can really fly into aircraft.,Real transaction。
Although there is little effect on combat,But in other aspects,It is the general existence of Wanjin oil。
Can only count the horse to tiger,The result is not satisfied with the night.,But not be disappointed。
Next night,Pray for the heart of the heart,Slowly open the second card。
When this card is completely opened,Night is really stunned,Although in a short medality,It’s a burst of ecstasy.!
“Laozi knows,Laozi is the child of life,What is the previous pumping card?,Only this one,Laozi earned the previous one.!”
This card card,It is Kartrot’s hands to hold a huge blue energy ball to Tianzhu。
If it is“Randomly extract”,Light looks like this card,It is likely to appear“Kar Carlot’s practice clothes”Ah, a class of chicken ribs。
But don’t forget,Now the night is“Limited extraction”Skills card!
That is to say no more,The appearance is a character skill in Kartrot。
But this card is pattern,The skills that makes the night thinks only have one。
See the text description on the card,The night is also revealing an expression of such a expression.。
Skill card:Vital bomb(From the Dragon Ball World)
Related introduction:King of the king’s martial arts,After teaching Sun Wukong,Ability to gather the vitality of all organisms,Form a huge energy ball。
The more yuan,The stronger the movement is stronger,It is said that only people who are kind,Can master this skill。
ps:This is the skill that the Savior should have!
“Really ambiguous!”