But this small fox’s expression is dismissed.,Finally, pull the head directly to,I didn’t even see it.。

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This makes the Ye Double Double Anger。
“Humph,Your little white,Sure enough, I will never forget your friends.,I have a good thing to take this small house in this hillunity.,You actually do this to me.。”
And this time Li Hui is also open.。
“Little white is still small,Give it a lot of things, this thing is not good.,Besides,You live a live broadcast like this,Will you attract people??
After all, I like quiet.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Ye Shuangzhou has a little embarrassing road:“Hey-hey,God doctor,I’m sorry,I am afraid I can’t do it.,Because I know a few fans have bought a plane ticket to see the little white and white.,They even bought local specialties to give small white food.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng has some heads。
“That will not bother to my normal job.?
Or don’t have any extreme fans,Don’t share the green soap white?”
Li Hui also knows that many extreme fans in the top is terrible.。
Although he is not afraid,But he is afraid of trouble。
The most critical is that he is more like to solve problems with fists.,But once you get it on the network,That is the big problem.。
“Forehead,This should not,After all, most people are still relatively calm。”
Chapter 669
Li Huihe heard this,The mood is also relaxed.。
At the same time, he also curious how many people are watching the inter-live broadcast.,I don’t forget the live moment.。
“Leaf brother,Can I see your live broadcast??”
Ye Shuangzhou listened to this and also a glimpse,Because he can obviously feel that Li Hui Feng is a disgusting this.,The other party actively asked to take the initiative,This is a bit different.。
Li Hui Feng saw the full screen of the goddess,There is also the horrible popularity value.,It’s also a hop.。
The other party is much higher than him.。
“Forehead,You are a big anchor.,I will compare with you.,I am also a small anchor,Curious, why do you want to come to me??”
Li Hui Feng, this way,Ye Shuanghuang is the first to grab。
“Oh, I really like you.,There is also curious that you can clear the fire.,I disappeared,And the entire magic has been found many times, no one has found you.,If we see you on the planeJMonitoring,We don’t know that you are here.,Of course, many people should know that you should return to the village.。”
I am saying why I come to me.,This will not disappear without disappearing.?”
Li Hui Feng feels that the answer of the leaves is completely not answered at the point.。
Even most of them don’t want to listen.,Find him all network,He doesn’t want to find some point.。
“Hey-hey,Li brother,To do so,We are broadcasting,It is also a mentality that is trying to see.,Can find you the best,If you can’t find you, we will also travel.,Mainly the techniques of your previous diseases,And the Chinese medicine put the pulse,Let us want to be with you。”
“certainly,There are also suspected traffic,But I am really not how to look at the traffic now.,Because the main source of my money is not live broadcast,The reason why the live broadcast is to stay something,Or record your life on weekdays。”
Looking at the Ye Shuangzhou,Dress up is also very in place,Li Hui Feng knows that the other party should be a rich gong brother.,Otherwise, it will not say that it is not in the incident.。
Especially the leaves,It is also the same as a protected girl.,I saw the happy smile showing the little fox.,The smile is full of Tong Zhen,Just the one who can’t install it.。