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The dean looks at five people。
“I won’t say anything else,This time, the elder and I will take you there,From the moment you enter the city of duel,Your battle begins,Regardless of grade,Don’t let yourself leave any regrets!”
Fuming five nodded slightly,As the dean and the elder got in the car and left Bailian Academy together,Everyone watched the car go away,There is no jealousy in the eyes,Because they belong to Bailian!
“This is the college everyone wants to attend,You can take a look”
The dean transmits the information to the five-person bracelet,Fuming opened it and looked。
“this is。。。Luo Sheng!”
Fu Ming saw the seeded players belonging to Xiongan City at a glance‘Luo Sheng’,The corner of the mouth smiles unconsciously,The last time I met was in the ruins of time and space,Never had a chance,I have a chance this time!
“The college competition,Except for us,There are 15 fifth-level colleges,This means there are fifteen seeded players,There is even more than one college,Although the information is not complete,But it can be considered as a preliminary understanding”
Fuming nodded slightly,One person caught attention,Is a seeded player from Geng Dan Academy‘Liu Geng’,The above shows that all his data are question marks。
“Dean,This Liu Geng。。。”Fuming looked at the dean and asked。
The dean took a look and said:“This Liu Geng is very mysterious,Gengdan College has done a good job of confidentiality,We can’t find more information,Many are unknown,But what is certain is,His strength should beBlevel!”
Fuming watched Liu Geng lost his thoughts,Really interesting,Actually hide so deep!
“Take a good rest,It takes six hours to get there”
The old man with the beard said something,Everyone closed their eyes and rested。
“Dean,What’s wrong with you?”
The elder of Yunxin Academy looks at the dean,The dean’s face is a bit solemn,Staring at the information before me。
The dean passed the information in his hand to the elder,The eyes of the Great Elder suddenly widened。