Jingpu is a bit at a loss when standing still,Oneself……Do you want to help??

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But there is no cell phone here,In case I help myself,What to do if you rely on yourself??
Just when Jingpu didn’t know what to do,Liechun gritted his teeth and stood up,After taking a deep breath,Looking at Jingpo Road:
“senior!I’m fine,Just slipped!!”
Jingpu raised his eyebrows,Nodded blankly:
“Oh……Is that okay?”
Then Liechun nodded solemnly:
“Of course it’s okay,senior,Don’t underestimate me,I will stick to it,I will work hard!!”
Nu……Work hard??What are you working on?
Subsequently,Yeechun turned around and prepared to hoe the ground,And said loudly again:
“I won’t let seniors down!”
And Liechun yelled,After raising the hoe,Loudly:
“I will let seniors know,It must be right to choose me!!”