Awareness,But just as he said,The company is critical,He must stimulate consumption at a low price,Recall the funds as soon as possible,At least first put the bank’s loans。

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Otherwise,He just wants to sell and have no chance.,News,Other creditors have to go to the door,That is waiting for him.,His efforts for decades can be finished.。
so,Even if you lose money,He also has to tears。
pity,The world is always like people。
His voice is just,The door is coming in, I came in.,Wear uniform、Top national emblem,Look, like it is not good.。
really,Open mouth,Yang Yong’an is like a knoc。
“Yang Yongan is??”
“I am,What do you find me??”
“Huaming’s contracting company sued your debt,Apply for property to our hospital,I officially inform you now,Your company’s assets will be frozen,Huaming has no change before changing,This is a notice,Let’s take a look.。”
Yang Yongan stopped on the spot,The horrible eyes are deeply desperate,Asset frozen,There is no chance to tears.。
Chapter 33 Wang Pilate I(Recommend)
The people of the court announced。
The people in the hall,Elder、Discussion,Everyone is premonning,The company is afraid of it.。
Yang Yong’an is hard for a long time.,Can’t calm down,In the first time, I took out the phone and called Feng Huangguo.,Property is his last life-saving straw,No matter how you can’t be frozen。
“Hey?Does Feng always,Do we have any misunderstandings?,Why still make trouble on the court?You look at this lot of unhappy,Let us withdraw it first.,do not worry,I will definitely give you as soon as possible.。”
Feng Yizhong:“Feng always knows how worried??I am looking for you for more than a month.,How did you perfuse me??I know unpleasant now.?hehe,late,I want me to withdraw,Wait for you to give me the money first.。”
“Feng total,Let’s discuss it again.,Feng total、Feng total?”
Feng Zhangeng hangs up the phone,Yang Yongan does not die,Unfortunately, I have already closed the opportunity.。
He a little panic,Leave and right think,I have given more old friends.:“Hey,Old,Do you have a lot of getting rich in hand??First remove my pen, can I??Waiting for me to breathe this tone,I must also give you a benefit.。”
The phone is silent,Finally some people have a deep voice:“Old Yang,Friends for many years,You have difficulties, I should help you.,But you can……Ugh,You let me say what are you?,Your newspaper is boarded.,You said that I still dare to lend money to you.?”
Yang Yongan is a face:“What’s up?What newspaper?”
“Don’t you know??Go and see today’s county report.,I will know if I have read it.。”
Yang Yongan hang up the phone,Secretary:“Go to me today’s counties。”
At the moment, the newspaper is still the main source of various messages.,County newspaper、Municipal newspaper Yang Yongan has order every day。
The secretary hurried.,The newspaper quickly took it.,Only one eye,Yang Yongan is in the heart of a cold。
“Yongan uneasy,I am not arrears in debt.!”
Great title,Artificial discussion,Just hover him a non-critical boss,Black heart developer。
Yang Yong is in peace,I feel deeply,Unfortunately, this is still not finished.,Just reading newspaper,The phone is coming again.。
“Hey,Does Yang??When is our payment??”
“Yang Tong,The project has been completed.,We give you the batch of goods,Trouble you as soon as possible??”
I saw newspapers.,Material supplier’s bad debt phone one pick one,Like a humble,A full pressure in Yang Yongan,It’s just that he is not angry.。
“Yang Tong,Do we have to go to the street to promote??”Sales director strongly asked。
“roll,Ggo,Give Laozi。”Yang Yongan collapsed。
Everyone is like,Into a clean。
Tree down。
Yang Yongan is crying,Legs a soft,One is not stable,One ass is sitting on the ground,Start to swear,Torn。