“In Chengnada Temple。”

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Lin lifted the gold to the 乞丐,Jump to the table。
乞丐 rushed to persuade:
“You can don’t have a sin.。”
Lin Wan:
“God of Wealth gives you the silver?”
“Who will give you a silver??”
“Then I am the God of Wealth.,So I am the Lord.。”
I can’t talk about it for a time.。
Lin Hui just learned《Reform》,Make a reason,Effectiveness to mud plastic。
Hand put on the mud,The God of the God of Wealth has gradually soften。
did not expect《Reform》Still a magic。
Do you think about what to pinch??
Lin’s brain is a flash,Citing an image,I started to pinch the hand.。
Half time,The God of Wealth is replaced by him.。
Jumping from the table。
Standstalk,Can’t help but laugh。
The moon rabbit from the Sailor Moon is flexible, replacing the gods standing in the center of the supply。
I’m scared.,The mouth has passed。
Lin lookedly patted the earth,Turning。
The next destination is Xiaode Temple in Chengnan。
Walking on the road to Chengnan。
The forest is fast when it is fast。
Come to the main road of Chengnan,A carriage parked in a road。
The blood left on the ground has been dyed in a large half of the road.。
He recognizes this carriage,I have seen it shortly.。
Why do people who catch the horse will die in the water?