Chen Xiu’s mess,I clearly remember being knocked out by Dai Yun on the beach of a small island,Why are you on the boat again?

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Is it a dream?
“Don’t get excited,Sit down and listen to me。”
Chen Xiu sits down again,Zhang Yuantu is saying:“You are not dreaming。”
“What about Dai Yunren?”
“He let me go so easily?”
“I remember before I fainted,Dai Yun really called you,You guys know?”
Chen Xiu really has a lot of questions in his mind,Especially Dai Yun’s combat effectiveness is not at all below the Five Patriarchs,Zhang Yuantu now knows such an awesome character,Why do you work so hard to fight zombies in person,Please Dai Yun,Under the Five Ancestors!
“You have so many questions,I will answer you one by one,What do you want to know first?”
“Who is Dai Yun?”
This is not bullshit,Hit yourself until you have no temper,The strength is not under the five ancestors,What is not a master!
“I’m asking about his identity!”
“A gatekeeper left by the hermit family in the world。”
“Hermit family?”
Chen Xiu heard Zhu Huiwei mentioned it before,I just don’t know what the hermit family is like。
“The hermit family are all cultivators……”
Chen Xiu heard Zhang Haibao say,Guo Jing asked for some exercise secrets from the cultivator,Suddenly his strength skyrocketed,It took only a few decades to step into the realm of Ninth Pin Zhenqi,From then on to crush Zhang Haibao。