“Tap,You just let Didala to find Sasuke?”Ghosts said onside。

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“If he doesn’t even have this extent,Dead is also living”Faintly said。
“Since you don’t care,I don’t say anything.”But ghosts are clear,他 他 他 他 的。
没有 说,Looking at the sky, I don’t know what I am thinking.。
Conversion to the long gates,Spring is back home,Continue to start cultivation。
Two days later。
“Awfully。。。。”The small building of the spring sounded knocking on the door.。
Spring stood up,Then recover all the shadow。
I walked over the door.,He knows who is coming.。
“Xiao Nan Sister,have not seen you for a long time”Spring opens,Smile。
“I haven’t seen them for a long time.,This time, I want to ask you to eat.,Thank you for your happening.”Xiaonan smiling and said。
When she came back, he heard the long door and said,Your own body can recover,I scared her directly.。
When she asked the reason,I feel inexplicable.。
She didn’t think of spring and this ability,Fortunately, the task of the time he came over.。
Otherwise, the long-door may never recover.。
“You are welcome,Xiao Nan Sister,You wait,I have changed it out.”He is still in the body now,And the whole body is sweat,Need to organize。
“OK,Do not worry”Xiaonan smiles。
It seems that the door is very pleasant.,There is a smile in the face。
“Xiao Nan Sister,Come in and sit.,I will come down soon.”Finish,Spring, I ran back upstairs.。
Xiao Nan shake his head,Then I went in,Take the door。
Spring is here,Of course, I am not afraid of Xiaonana.。
After a while。
Spring and Xiaonan eat rice in a more advanced restaurant。
Spring now has a lot of money.,But the speed is still very fast,Quick disappearance of dishes on the table。
Xiaonan helpless calling waiter to add vegetables。
“Xiao Nan Sister,Why are you doing this time?,How did I go for so long?”Spring is waiting for the waiter to come to the dishes,Then I said to Xiaoanese。
“This time is to recruit new members.,Organization has just sacrificed two members,Need to supplement”Xiaonan ate the dishes and said。
“new member?”Spring is slightly puzzled。
It seems that there is no such thing in the original.?How suddenly, I will recruit a new member.。
In fact, this is related to Spring,The original kids have sacrificed most of the members.,Already caught all the beasts except eight tails。
I have got some of the octaves of Chakra.,So just get the nine tail.。
There is no need to recruit people again.,The long door is directly hoped.。
But now because of the spring, save my love.,Even the three ends were also sealed by him.。
The beast outside the outside is directly four,The strength of the long door is needed to supplement,Let Xiaonan to recruit new members。
“Who is it?,Uncomfortable”Quan Wei asked curiously。
He is really curious,What kind of person found in Xiaonan joins the organization。
“One of them,Just temporary”Xiao Nan does not care。
This is more curious about Spring.,Actually used in Xiaonan and two words to describe。
“What is his name?”Spring asked。
“You just want to know?”Small south with a smile。