Whole blue world,Such a group of people,They are young or unmodontically,But one day,They will suddenly‘Awaken’,After awakening,They are like changing a person.,Not only the cultivation speed will be multiplying,There will be a few adventures,them,Just like the darling between this world!

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The green industry is divided into three continents.,He is in Qingzhou,Qingzhou small state has hundreds,He is now at Jiang Guo,Several decades,This ginger is still less than ten people.,And these people have no one to become a giant。
Ye Xuan hands slowly,he knows,Ye’s home is to give up him.。Not only want to give up him,Maybe you have to kill him!
at this time,Ye caught suddenly laughed;“Old old,This Ye Xuan is killing people,Director,According to a race,How?”
Field,Everyone looked at Yafor,Ye Gorge is cold and cold,“According to a race,He should be killed by a stick,Not?”
The middle of the field nodded,Agree,Ye cassor is a person of the selection,And still the elders of grandson,They naturally will not be criminal, and the old age will。
The big old is cold and cold, I looked at the Ye Xuan.,“Come from!”笔 趣 阁 中文 网 Update the fastest mobile phone:https:/guibuyu/book/0/993/1106369htl
soon,There are dozens of Yefu guard outside the ancestors.。
at this time,Ye Xuan suddenly:“In my Yefu,A rule,Shii forces,Do not refuse the challenge of Ye’s young generation。”
Say,He directly see the Ye Gorge,“I challenge you!”
Ye Gorge’s eyes slightly,Laugh;“challenge?Can,but,We have to live in the life and die,You dare?”
Life and die! target=_bnk>
A piece of field in the field!
Inside the Ye’s home,Once you have an unmodified contradiction,Can be solved on the life and die。Life and die,Life and death!
Ye Xuan cold laugh,“go,Life and die!”
Ye cassing is shaking head,“January,You and I am giving and die.,that time,The family is just right,You will die,He just did a testimony,So we hurt you!”
Ye Xuan wants to think,Then:“Can!”
Finish,What did he do not say?,Pingering Ye Ling got out of the ancestral。
Looking at the Ye Xi Brothers and sisters,Large old looking to Ye Gorge,“He is dead with people all year round.,Good fighting power,You can have a grasp?”
Ye Gallery mouth flourifies a touch,Killing in the eyes is like substantial,“I just wake up,The soul is not completely integrated with this flesh,otherwise,It’s like pinching an ant as a simple.!After January,This Qingcheng does not have my husband’s opponent!”
Narrate,Big old old,Laugh:“This is good。”
Finish,He looked at a elder,Whisper:“People who have sent to Nanshan before I haven’t come back.,And I see this leaves.,A bit abnormal,Leaves you go to,What happened this Yaxuan in Nanshan。”
I nodded.,Turn around。
Ye Xuan hugged Ye Ling returned to the room of his courtyard,He put Ye Linger in bed,Then 揉 揉 叶 灵 then there are some edema cheeks,Flexible:“Hurt??”
Ye Ling wiped the tears on the cheeks,“Do not,Not hurt!elder brother,They rely on what is the position of your Si?You fight for the family,With any Yeoro is a natural selection, you have to stop you.?This is unfair!”
Ye Xuan shook his head,He gently smashed the leaves and there were some red cheeks.,“No fairness is unfair,This time,It’s a brother.,Didn’t protect you,Let you be hit!”
Ye Ling shook his head,The tears in her eyes have flowed out again.,“Yes,I use it is useless.,I can’t help my brother.,I,I am a brother’s tower bottle。”
Ye Xuan slight smile,He gently scraped the small nose of the blazed,“Fool,I am your brother,Brother,Natural life,Understand?”
Ye Ling got upright and lighted the forehead of Lin Xuan,Conscientiously:“elder brother,Waiting for me.,I will also practice after I will,I also want to protect you.!”
Ye Xuan smiled,He gently smashed the head of the leaves,“it is good,Brother will definitely cure your disease!too late,Rest first!”
Ye Linger nodded,“I want to listen to the story.。”
Ye Xuan smiled,Then:“Previously there was a mountain,There is a temple on the hill,There is a temple”
Ye Lingbai, an eye, Ye Xuan,“Brother, this story has been said for many years.。but,I like to listen to”
Half time,Ye Ling on the bed fell asleep。
Ye Xuan instead of the leaf cover,He sits on one side,He gently opened his own robe,Abdominal location,Have a long scar,Inside,Still bleed。Pen Fuge Chinese Network Update the fastest Mobile terminal:https:/guibuyu/
In order to contribute to the mine,He and Li family twelve people,Behind a big idea,Salked by a mysterious person,Although killing each other,But the other’s knife also inserted his Dantian,His Dantian should be broken。 target=_bnk>