The cloud show said this,Also starting to pack up。

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Directly remove the wooden board directly,Put on the ground,Then lying on the top, ready to sleep。
Hot weather,Li Hui does not know how the other party can fall asleep.。
“Cloud big brother,You are sleeping now,I can’t sleep at night.?”
“Lee brother,I just want to sleep at night.?
When you fall asleep, we will have a danger of life.。”
Facing the cloud show in some neuro,Li Hui Suduing Suddenly I don’t know how it is good.,I feel that there is a feeling of being deceived.。
But if you want to see Qin Ya Ya,It’s just that it is also worth it.。
“Ok,Then I will try it.。”
Li speaks directly to the knees directly,Silent cultivation。
When he entered the cultivation state,But I feel that there is a strong death in the bottom of the body.,And those dead seem to be the same as what is brewing。
open one’s eyes,Looking at the ridiculous surrounding,Listening to the cloud show, such as thunder,Li Hui Feng frowned。
“Cloud big brother,Get up,You now, this snoring is not sleeping.,And I also forgot to tell you,I am learning Chinese medicine.,What is your body? I am clear.!”
Say this,Li Hui Feng saw the cloud show is still being sleeping。
Don’t laugh。
“Cloud big brother,You pull me,Will not let me hold those things in the evening?,Then I escape myself.?”
This exit,The body of the cloud show is obvious,But immediately, then continue to snore, such as thunder。
Li Hui Feng is laughing:“Can’t afford to,I am gone.,The thing here is that you are facing yourself.。”
Say,Li Hui also directly gets up directly。
Seeing that Li Hui Feng really wants to go,The cloud show is also sitting quickly.。
“Lee brother,Don’t go,Don’t go,I tell you the truth.。”
I also said a pile of false words before I was lie to me.?”
Li Huihe heard the cloud show,It is impossible to say that it is impossible to say that it is impossible.。
“no,I did see it at the auction.,But what I want to say is that some people who participate in the auction will have a lot.,But it is basically the elite.,I can live now is my experience.。”
“You just have to participate.,So, someone will send you an invitation letter.,If you don’t go,your family,Your lover,Women you like will be inexplicably,Even 殃 and life。”
Say this,The cloud show quietly looked at Li with the wind.,See if the other party is angry。
Fortunately, Li Hui’s face is calm.,There is no angry model。
“anything else?
that’s it?”
Now about the cloud show,Li Hui Feng is feeling that halfword is not credible.。
“There is also you come with me.,Then stay in the moment here,You have been locked by the other party.,Belongs to the participant。”
“As long as you participate,Then there will be tasks,Every task is different,It is dead if it is dead.!”