Zhao Gang suddenly realized,This is someone looking for him.,Hurry and wear clothes,No one is disturbing,Open the door。

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Seeing the forest and girls standing outside and Xu Erju。
“Night deep quiet,Don’t bother Zhao Shanren。”
“You are?”
Lin rang pushes the girl to the front:
“I want to fill her here.,Grow up by you。”
“no problem。”
Zhao Gang immediately agreed。
He didn’t dare to pay attention。
The one who has just jumped high is as if he has been thinking about him.,No need to doubt,Once you say something wrong,Be in the same part。
“Please also go in and drink hot tea。”
“No need,We still have something。Since you agreed to this matter,I just tried to Zhao family.,There is something to ask for a city temple to burn incense,I can know。”
“I remember,But。”
Lin lives not much waste,Leave a girl,I disappeared with Xu Erguet in the dark.。
Girl is squatting at the door,call out:
Zhao Gang:
“You are probably difficult.,Only pay you to me,come in!I am waiting for you to stay here.。”
Zhao Gang put the girl up,Take her into the government。
Call your own woman from the house。
She saw that Zhao Gang had a strange girl.,Surprised question:
“Where is the child??”
“Don’t worry about children,Take medicine to take medicine,You are playing on your body.。”
“it is good,it is good。”
Zhao Gang took the girl to the room,Wait until his woman came in and wrapped in white medicine.,He is taboo to stand outside,Say:
“From now, you are my righteous girl.,Rest,I let you read。”
“Mind’s Daxie Xu Erni has no difficult tooth。”
Zhao Gang feels that the girl is young and young.,He accepts this child is not just because of the commitment of the forest.,Of course, there is this reason,Moreover, their couple always want a girl,Maybe Xu Erni is a gift to them.
Lin rang the Xu Erju’s daughter to Zhao Gang,Two people on the way back to the city,He says:
“Do not worry!I will often see your daughter.,Their family name is still good,If you dare to abuse,Overhabby house。”
Xu Erjui low,Lin rang doesn’t know what he means.。
Come to Chenghuang Temple,Linfang stopped in front of the forest,Overcome:
“You will actively in the forest!Absorb the moonlight cultivation,I can see your daughter as soon as possible.。I don’t want to come out,I will call you something.。”
Xu Erju silently disappeared in the dark。