Patients with digestive tract bleeding,Did not stop aspirin,Re-bleeding,Direct shock。

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I think that those medical accidents caused by the active doctors in the internship.,Zhou Ye is a conscientious,So, the patient has been dealing with the patient is careful。
I don’t understand, I don’t understand.!
Don’t understand,Forever rice bucket!
This is the criterion of his patient。
Sun Jun, watching Yeye at this time.:“I know that I should let you be with me in the duty room.,What are you?,Maybe I am not good to do something wrong.……”
NS245chapter The mystery of this
Zhou Ye,Suddenly I found that the blood pressure of ECG monitoring is slight.。
Then he perceive Xu Wei’s lips.,Some sweat on your face。
“First test blood sugar。”Zhou Ye is a little afraid of this Xu Wei has low blood sugar.。
Hypoglycemia is also possible to lead to such mental symptoms。
However, he is still more than hyperthyroidism.。
Zhou Yewu will contact two links together,Suddenly it is difficult to automatically control:“It’s not that.。”
He looked at the doctor,Then think of the doctor’s advice,I found that Xu Wei in the last night has a situation.,He saw the doctor’s advice on Sun Jun gave the stability.……
I go。
Zhou Ye, my head is blank。
He hopes not to think about it.,If last night is already hypoglycemia,That’s it.。
This can be considered a medical accident.。
The patient almost was sent by Sun Jun.。
But according to the reason,Military brother’s experience,I have made such a low-level mistake.?
Zhou Niwu is still can’t believe。
He only wants to think that he thinks.。
Xu Wei is speaking towel with hands,The mouth has always been vague.。
He is dancing,The whole person looks weird and absurd,In the hearts of the doctor Zhouwugu,It’s really horrified.,He has begun to sweat!
Hyperthyroidism is a mental symptom,Can not be blood pressure,Then the same weak weakness of low blood sugar。
I looked at Xu Wei although I have been chartering.,Waving hands from time to time,But he can feel Xu Wei every action.,The limbs are in slightly fibrillation,Obviously there is a kind of muscle feeling。
soontof,Xu Wei has been sleeping.!
Take a short while,Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun and Hu Yu are here.。
Chen Riyuan looked at the patient,Take the tablet in Ziriyu,Then just look directly to Sun Jun:“No blood sugar last night?”
Zhou Ye was shocked。
Chen Riyuan is really worthy of big cow.,Almost ten seconds, I determined Xu Wei’s problem.。
The key is that this blood sugar results have not come yet.?It’s just a skill.。
This time I went to the ward,The hippie smile in the past is also a silence.。
He thought of this problem as early as the road.。
“I……”He did not have an excuse to explain it.,Nodped silently。
Everyone in the field is staying。