Do you dare to see a doctor??

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Zhou Ye looks at the bottle of the bottle of Xu Songren.,Tick,Sound。
In addition to the Essomerazole, just Chen Siyuan,Trade name,Besides,Proton pump inhibitor needle also pantoprazole、Omezole、Lamothrazole and Raziprazole, etc.,Both are effective alcoholic hemostasis drugs。
Gastrointestinal bleeding,Light against a proton pump inhibitor is also not enough,Also commonly usedH2 Receptor antagonist injections such as Mozidin、Raynetine and other and injection of Mozidin, etc.。
Monterudi needle20 g Put in physiological saline20 L Intravenous bolus,After injection,Patients estimate that it can be turned into a cool heart.!
Zhou Ye looks at Xu Songren,Then I also started thinking。
In fact, like the three director research,Currently, it is still more stable.。
However, the weight is heavy or a treatment for the patient to maintain a treatment of plasma and its analogues.。
Login This is a cyclic active polypeptide consisting of a plurality of amino acids.,Ability to reduce internal organs,Reduce portal vein pressure,Inhibit gastric acid and gastric protease secretion,Inhibit gastrointestinal tract and pancreatic peptide hormone secretion, etc.,This kind of hepatocharging and digestive tract bleeding,Use this medicine very recommended!
And the guide is also one of the preferred drugs of the cirrhosis acute esophagus.!
Zhou Ye is fortunate,It is also the effect of this medicine when I am intern.。
Basically, after the intravenous intravenous injection1 Inherently valid,15 Perfect peak concentration,Half-life3 about,Acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage early。
There is also auspere peptide.,It is artificial synthetic8 Peptide growth ostix analog,This skin is rapid and complete after injection.,30 Plasma concentration can reach peak,Eliminate half-life100 ,Therapeutic effect can be comparable to that of growth and phlegm。
“Is the antibacterial drug??”
Zhou Ye, I watched Xu Songren。
He didn’t have any double lung and rock, when he was inscribed.,Very clear infection,pctandcrpThere is no infection of bacteriology。
However, the acute varicose veins of cirrhosis cirrhosis,It is then possible to actually active bleeding, gastric mucosa and esophageal mucosa,Preventive use of antibacterial drugs help to stop bleeding,And reduce early re-bleeding and infection,Can improve survival rate?
So is it necessary to use??
All of this has come to the stage of Zhou Jiwu knowledge blind.。
He looks to Chen Riyuan for help:“Chen Shu,Is it necessary to use antibiotics??”
Chen Riyuan is also thinking about it.,Weighing the pros and cons:“No need for the time being.,Increase resistance,keep an eye on。”
Zhou Yeny nodded,I want Xu Songren again, I want Xu Songren again.。
Otherwise, the three cavity tubes do not necessarily support him to do blood bleeding.
NS193chapter Starting from night shift
Chen Riyuan nodded,Zhou Niwu’s excellent is a matter of course in his eyes.。
“In various proton pump inhibitors,Essozole is a faster drug,Large dose of Essomerazole is recommended to be one of the drug selection of acute upper digestive tract emergency treatment.。”
Chen Riyuan said unreasonably。
Because he found a little,In fact, the key point of this patient is not a digestive tract bleeding.,But newG,It is a pneumonia to give the patient’s gastrointestinal bleeding.!
I don’t know how much is the situation in this year.,It is really a little nervous.,Especially the piece of doctor resources。
“This patient is stable,Alternatives can be used with Omerazole and pantopole。”
Chen Riyuan looked at the patient,I also saw the Sun Jun and Hu Yu.,It seems that I want to ask if they have an idea?。
And Sun Jun and Hu Yu,A face,I thought I did something wrong.。
All this is seen in Ying Ye.,Ugh,I don’t know what to do.。
Have a feeling,Chen Riyuan is still the boss of the department,Sun Jun、Hu Yong and Zhou Ye became a small doctor below。