Night and throw,Throw the incense on the wall,The huge impact is instantly letting it hit the wall.。

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Huge movement naturally also caught the attention of nothing to open on one side,Seeing partners,Lu Fei is natural as ever,Do not consider the combance of the enemy’s parties,Directly。
See the road to the impulse,What can Soleon in the side?,Nature can only pull out the left knife,Take it in your hand,A bit bite in your mouth。
On the other side, I ate Blue Ball.,Huge hoof at this time,Also follow,Stay with the same road to start attacks together。
“Three knives three thousand worlds!”
“Rubber machine gun!”
Three attacks come from three directions,Attack goals are in the middle of the middle standing.。
“Hey,Is this a gun 躺 躺??In fact, I just came to ask.,How can things become like this??”
Three attacks at the same time,But the night is not panic,Honest,The current straw hat is still too tender.,Just encounter a rolling of the whole boat,That’s not mentioning night.。
Sicklest in the night,Lu Fei seems to be messy and very rapid rubber machine gun,There is no doubt that all hit the air。
And facing the huge hoof of Choba,The night is reached out of a finger.,Just completely resist it.,Song finger,Huaba turned into a huge body,If it is like a shell, it is emitted.。
Finally, it is the Three Thousands of World.,A ice knife that is also condensed by the night,How to force Soleum,I can’t shake the small ice knife that seems to be fragile.。
Turn around and kick,Cover the right foot of the armed colored,In the instant, I will give it a hundred meters.。
Because used in armed high domineering,I am afraid that the night has already left.,But the shock of Lu Fei,Obviously than the fragrant and Chobe。
After hitting the wall,Then fly to the outside of the street,And slide on the ground for a long distance。
As for the last Sauon,Look at your own three knives,Blockped by the other side of the ice,It also feels that I have received great shame.。
He is becoming“The world’s first big sword”Target practice,But it is already after he has been in the sea.,The second time, it is seen.。
The first time is despised,The other party is the world’s first big sword hawk,And now the other party is the second。
The previous eagle is blocked with a knife.,And this man also blocked his attack with a knife that was unsperite.。
And this is equivalent to negating the efforts since Soron.,Not more than just out of the sea,Soron has thought that he has become strong.。
But now the painful reality tells him,Today, he still has no strength of the world’s top sword.。
Be right,As a sense of Jianhao tells him,This man in front of,It is a sword that is unbearable.!
See the complicated Sauon in front of the face,Night, I don’t know how to explain.,I can only say it.:“I admit that you as a Swordsman’s strength,I didn’t see you mean.。
But my village is a way to be a waywarder.,Will only fight against the opponent worth a war。
It is undeniable that you may have this ability in the future.,Even more than me,But now you,Not enough to let me use her。”
Ice knife picks the three-way knife of the Solaron,The hand is directly in the hands of the holiday, the knife is smashed from the night.,Directly divide the whole Franch home from the middle!
Rando, three knives, passive defense,Although I barely resist this,But the chest still has a deep knife injury.。
Its position is just the opposite direction with the knife marks left by the eagle eye in him.,Changed knife。
Also reluctantly praise,I saw this scene directly scared.。
I thought it was a night.,Actually defeated two feet in three punches.,It’s like a cutting of the four people.。
So don’t you say,This green haired guy,Beat them will only be more relaxed?
Because I am worried that they are doing too much,Namei, secretly followed,I saw the way to be flying out.,Also instantly dumb。