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Song Jian and Tang Rui got off the bus,Rui Rui said to Tan Lin:“Old Tan,I don’t want too many people to participate in this action.。”
“Big brother,I will not take me this time.?”
“Are you not with me?,Drive to the legal rental,Let’s buy a cake。”
“Go to find the jellyfish?”
“Just buy a cake。”
Rui Rui let Tan Lin buy cakes,He took the bus in advance called two yellow chassis to get to Xue Min.,Before you have made makeup, it has become a good look.。
“Kill god,You finally came!”Ouyang Lan is still waiting to kill the gods to create a bomb.,This is waiting for so many days。
“Kill god,I received the telegram,Say plan change,Let us be responsible for your arrangement。”
“Yes,I am here to give you a mission.。”Rui Rui took out the map first marked the venue of the press conference.。
“Here we have been,It seems that it really can’t go。”
“Allocate,This action we have to engage in the moving and quiet, do not see the conference。”
“Kill god,You arrange your task.!”Several girls all said full of war,
Although it is doubleSDifficult task,But this hang-like approach is simple and rude than before.,And the success rate is higher。
Rui is also thinking about two sets,A set is the implementation of the conference,A set is after the conference,Of course, it is more influenced before the press conference.,Even directly affect the normal holding of the conference。
“This method is good.!But can you determine their exact route??”Ouyang Lank asked,
“We don’t know their driving route,So we will divide the four ways,Qi stationmaster,I will let the jellyfish assassinate group. They cooperate with you.,This time, look at you.!”
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Xue Min’s injury has not yet good Lord, definitely can’t participate in this action.,After laying the task,Rui Rui took Ouyang Lan to see Su Wenqian。
Because Qi Rui does not have time to teach Ouyanglan to make explosives,This time, there is no way to let the blasting expert Ouyang Lan and Su Wenqian will do,Experts like her,In fact, I don’t have to teach.,Give her formula and equipment。
Qi Rui also gave Su Wenqian who said the task,Let Tan Lin go to the cake shop is to give the jellyfish assassination group layout,Because I can’t let Ouyang Lan know the pool city their cake shop,So Su Wenqian is in the designated location, etc.。
Time is very urgent,Arrange Su Wenqian and Ouyanglan,Tan Lin took the cake to drive on the home。
Bamboo is not coming back,Rui Rui plans to say with Fu Yingxue again.,Song Jian called,Tell Qi Rui, Qiran, they live in the Japanese Consulate.,Tomorrow Sanmu Yiqiu may also participate in this conference,Taking the Japanese attachment to this conference。
Qi Rui immediately looked at the map to judge that they will drive to the road to walk.,Call Qi Lianna and Tie Tiecheng,Before you don’t know the driving route,Rui Rui is the four roads,Now synthesis two teams halfway attack。
This night is unusually slept.,In the middle of the night, he got up with Tan Lin to the conference site.,Here he sees people in Zhu, China, taking the gendarmerie patrolling。
It is so nervous now that it is to avoid someone to mix into the conference on-site installation bomb.,Hiding weapons and in advance。
“Long pool,How do you come now??”Zhuneng Yunzi saw long-lasting practice。
“Cloud,You can don’t sleep with a woman.,How is a big man sleeping at home?。”Laughter,
“So many people,Tomorrow’s security work is the most important。”
“I am still not very assured to the Chinese.,We are still cautious.,After all, this time our opponent is a killing action group.。”
Zhuneng Yunzi knows the plan of the wine well,I know that they have also made a very unusual security plan.,And set ambush,Say:“This time they just have,We must destroy them。”
“I am the same as you think.,So excited can’t sleep,Killing a god action group,Jellyfish,BlackBerry of the military Shanghai station,This time there is a beautiful benefit of them.,We are very likely to make them a net。”In the heart of the heart:This time, let me kill a few warrities.!
“I feel that they may come。”Zhuneng Yunzi said,
“They have not failed until now.,Perhaps it is because this may come。”
“I am also looking forward to them.!”
“Cloud,What is the Toyitian class leader??I haven’t seen him for a long time.。”This big action, Fujifu, Fujiki, is impossible to participate in such a large action.,But I never did see others。
“Recently, he took two special courses in secret to investigate what I do not know,I reported him to the conference what he made me decide。”
“Ever since the long lesson Southland better to die like he rarely showed up。”Ritual,
“South Fujita Section Chief Tian is well-trained,He really sad。”