Taking advantage of Chen Xiu’s pause,Zhang Laoba and Chai Rong caught up with Chen Xiu in one step。

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The hammer in Zhang Laoba’s hand was hit in front of Chen Xiu’s head,If it is Mount Tai,The hammer has not arrived,Chen Xiu is already feeling the pressure,If this hammer falls to the ground,I must be hammered into flesh;
Chai Rong’s stick has been pierced by Chen Xiu,At this time, he attacked Chen Xiu empty-handed,Mention of left palm,The right palm can be split with one stroke,But one hand,Suddenly the whole body is like Yuan Ding Yue Zhi,Dignified,Unspeakable。
Chen Xiu saw that there was no flaw in his whole body,Even in such a crisis, I couldn’t help but applaud:“Good palm!”
Chai Rong proudly shouted:“Better yet to come!”
Double palm volley launch,A violent palm wind is coming,Chen Xiu only felt a chill on his upper body,When the time came, there was a cold war,But the air conditioner is over,A scorching palm wind followed。
It turns out that Chai Rong’s palm strength is different,One Yin and Yang,Sun palm first out,Yin force is first。
This yin and yang two palms hit the body,Chen Xiu’s true qi naturally generates corresponding power,Protect the heart and internal organs,Undamaged。But the whole body was shaken suddenly,Unspeakable。
Liu Fengxing saw Chen Xiu and Chai Rong entangled together,I won’t run away now,Hacked from behind holding a steel knife;
Although Li Ji doesn’t have a double gun,Kicked out,Leg chain,Kicked six legs in a flash,In the heart of Su Mu,It’s one of the thirty-six nine stunts of the Li family“Legs like a shadow”,Out of one leg,The second leg is like a shadow,Follow,The second leg immediately turned into shape,And the third leg is like a shadow,Follow the kick,Keep going,Even steel plates can be kicked into iron slag。
Instant time,The four masters are attacking from different directions,I’m afraid that a tank will be smashed。
And Chen Xiu, who is under the four masters, actually raised his mouth,Laughed out。
It is Li Ji that Chen Xian faces、Zhang Laoba and the two of them,The two saw Chen Xiu’s smile,I feel a little uneasy,Only now the arrow has been fired,There is no turning back arrow。
Seeing that the four attackers are about to greet Chen Xiu,“Click”A small sound,Chen Xiu crushed the jade pendant that Gu Rimou gave him,A three-foot-thick black air wall suddenly rises on his body。