Hu Yili smiled。

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“Let’s go!”
Fang Yu went out carrying Hu Yili。
Got in the car!
“New car?This interior……More than one million?”
Hu Yili has a sharp eye。
Although allX3,But the inside is completely different!
This is that BMWX3-M,Over one million。
“You have a good vision!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
Asked the address,Drive directly。
They came to Hu’s close manufacturing,Fang Yu carried Hu Yili in。
The factory will be released soon。
“No way……We can’t achieve this accuracy。”
In the factory,Those masters,Shook his head repeatedly。
To control to that extent,So hard!
Fang Yu glanced at the manufacturing process not far away,There is a separately manufactured machine not far away。
Suddenly got an idea。
Now Fang Yu’s concentration and eyes are much better。
Can you come by yourself?