“What i think you don’t know”Xia Jian said badly。

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Wang Yihua stood up,Face crimson,She lowered her voice:“how could I know,I’m not the roundworm in your stomach”Wang Yihua finished,Twisted a little angry,Out of the room。Her mind,Of course Xia Jian is clear。
First0866chapter Wang Yihua’s first love
Everyone has their own pain points。
Wang Yihua opened the back door of the yard,Hello with a big flower,So he took Xia Jianchao to the back mountain。Dahua ran on the mountain road very happily。
A small intestine trail leads to the top of the mountain,Don’t think Wang Yihua is a rich man in Qingshan County,She stands to reason,You can’t walk this way,But today she walked very neatly。Xia Jian holding a shotgun,And follow her closely。
On top of the mountain,Song Tao bursts,The surrounding scenery is very beautiful。Among a few cypress trees,There is a small grave,Wang Yihua walked over。Standing in front of the grave and whispering something。
Xia Jian followed, a little puzzled,He asked softly:“this is…?”
“My first love boyfriend,Also my first husband”Wang Yihua raised her head,Said with tears。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Sorry,I shouldn’t ask you this,Made you sad”
“Nothing,It’s been many years。This is a touching love story,Never experienced,You don’t even know where it’s moving,Do you want to listen?”Wang Yihua suddenly Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Thought,This is my privacy,I don’t usually tell others,Since Wang Yihua brought it up,It shows that she really considers herself a friend,He has no reason to refuse。
“Ha ha!If it is convenient for you,You can tell me”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Wang Yihua took out the tissue,Wiped away the tears on my face,She smiled sadly and said:“Then you just listen,I’ll tell you from the beginning“
Xia Jian nodded,Listening to Wang Yihua’s narration。
Blue sky and white clouds,Green mountains and green waters,What a fairyland on earth。This is a shelter forest in Qingshan Green,At the foot of the mountain,Rows of beehives,Not far from the beehive,It’s a simple hut built with branches。
Wang Cong just finished his work from the city,When walking here,He has dry mouth,Rural people don’t pay attention,Bend down,Drink water from the stream。To say that this child is hard enough,Ten years old,When parents drove a tractor to make a living,Had a car accident,Both die,Wang Cong became an orphan,Fortunately, the villagers pity him,Host Borrow,Xijia got him to finish junior high school,At the age of sixteen he began to work for others in the county,He is now 22 and 23,Long gentle,Not like a hard worker at all。
suddenly,A woman crying from a distance,The scared Wang Cong’s hands trembled,All the water spilled on the body,Deep mountain and old forest,Few people pass by,Where did this sound come from??It’s impossible……Another cry of a woman,With ripping noises,Wang Cong’s mind is turning quickly,Eyes drifting over the hut at the foot of the mountain,He immediately realized,Where did this sound come from,He was timid since childhood,I don’t know where the courage comes from,Pick up a piece of wooden stick by the creek,Rushed to the hut like flying。