It is also the evolutionary version of a solid surgery.,Addition with water breathing,This weight is not very impact on Spring.。

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No waiting for a while,There are two rabbits in the wood village.。
Bonfire is angry,Two rabbits were baked to golden,Sprinkle the seasoning,It’s still very good。
“Uncle Mu Village,How do I feel that we have to fire?”Springs eat rabbits,Asked about questions in my heart。
“Yes,The place we have to go is the country of Tang”Wooden Village。
“Soup?”Spring is originally thought to be a border.,I didn’t expect it to be abroad.。
“Is he not a wooden?,Why is in the country of Tang”Spring does not understand,Press the ninja that except some implementation tasks,Other ninja is rarely going abroad。
The shocked look in the eyes of Spring,At the same time, I watched the suitcase next to the wooden village.。
No bar,My instructor is her,No wonder that there is so much money,Not much more money is not enough.。
“Spring,Actually,She is the ninja of our family,But identity,Have lived abroad all year round”The Village is probably explained.。
Wood Village said,Spring is completely affirmation,It’s still her.。
It’s so big industries that,Actually life is still so simple,I am afraid that it is used to support her.,Otherwise, she is every time.,I have money to gamble.。
Spring now wants to understand,The identity is really special,Ethnicity now can keep in touch with her,It is estimated that the reason for providing money。
Otherwise, she doesn’t have idle contact.!
“This way.,I see”Quan Wei started slowly eating roast rabbit。
alright,alright,This is also good,There are still a few special techniques for each other.,Spring is not to suffer。
And these techniques are not weak,It is very suitable for the needs of Quan Wei。
And there is also the most special technique,Even her own is not mastered,If you can learn that。。。。
Springs smile。
After eating things,The two continue to rise.。
Spring is also afraid,Practice hardening,No use of shadow,After all, the Village is here.。
The speed of the road is not fast,Spring is sometimes driving directly on hardening,When you exercise。
I finally got out of the country.,Come to the country of Tang。
There is a pass,Ninja in the border is not difficult for two people。
The environment of the country of soup is good,Wait until the hinterland,It’s a hot spring everywhere.。