He pets her,She has a few points of feelings.。

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“it is good,All along with you。”Lu Haocheng said that she knead her head。
He doesn’t like the peace of life.,He hopes that she has some questions every day.。
he thinks,Their youth has been mediocre.,When Feng Huazheng,He thought of more romantic。
“Um!I will be happy tomorrow.,You don’t make me。”Blue Xin pinching a small fist against him.。
This time,She is actually very busy,Because of injury,She has accumulated a lot of work。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,I feel very wronged.,The only wish in this life is to hope she is happy.。
“Blue,If I am angry with you,You will hit me。”Lu Haocheng looked at her,“but,You still owe me a date,You have an accident,We said that I have to go out date.,I have selected my place.,You do something。”
Lan Xin nodded,“I owe you,I will give you,Waiting for my time, I will give you a busy.,but,You provoke me angry,That is another thing.。”
But I am looking forward to what will happen tomorrow.?
“Good,Wife,I will never provoke you angry,OK。”Lu Hao Cheng has a very patient answer,She is angry,His days are not good.。
“Um!In fact, each mouth is full of temper.,I have special regrets.,Because I really want to kill you at the time.,But you can’t bear it.。”Blue Xinyan red lips,Very depressed。
“hehe……”Lu Haoge,“I know my wife’s best。”Lu Haocheng took a few points in her waist.。
Work on the next day,Lu Haocheng looked at the three children after going to school.,Also put the door with Blue Xin。
Go to work,I bought a small wake package for Blue Xin.,Go to the supermarket to buy a quick-soluble strawberry tea,How to plug in a few strawberry flavor。
When he put these in Blue Hinde,Blue Xin smiles with satisfaction,I am very hard in my morning.,I also big big flashed Lu Haozheng a kiss。
Lu Haocheng is bad,Always arrived in the company,Mood is particularly good。
“Continental,lady,I’m so good to see you.!”After a few days, I didn’t see Blue Xin and Lu Hao’s authority. I like my honey.。
He and Joe Yiyi greeted Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng outside in the office.。
Joe Yiyi looked at Blue Xin,This time, I respectd it respectfully.“President,lady,morning。”
Blue Xin nodded at her,Also returned one“morning”。
Lu Hao Cheng is a good mood,Take the shoulder of the shot,“Controversy,This time is very good,outstanding,let me consider it,This month gives you processing。”
The right to look at Lu Haozheng,Neither,Why consider,His work in this time has been excellent?
“Thank you president!Salary is unlimited power,President,I will work harder in the future.。However, the president seems to have a lot more than the day.。”Right championship,Looking at the president is very good,I saw Blue Xin.,what,It seems that I am comfortable today.。
The lady looked very good.,The president’s mood will be very good。
“right!”Lu Haocheng has some proud to touch his own handsome,“Controversy,You are also very handsome today.。”
Blue Xin:“……”These two people,Determine not to eat miscarrons today??
“Ha ha……”Some of the Journey is sorry to laugh:“Thank you President’s praise,There are many work today.,The president’s itinerary is also a lot,There is a meeting of a head office,There are three video conferenies of three branches.,I am ready。”
Lu Haocheng listened to so many work to do,He looked at the right game,Be asked:“Assistant,Do you make a mistake??How can I have so many trips today?,Today, I want to accompany my wife.。”
Jiefin:“……”Why don’t you ask how many days I have not come to work??
This sentence,The power chapter almost didn’t endure it.,But the words are,He immediately swallowed back。
who is he?where is he?In the mind, instantly clear。
He dares to say exports,The president just said to him.,To add salary,He doesn’t want to fly like the fat meat.。
The Journey is thinking about it.,Smile:“President,This is the work accumulated in these days.,But based on the power of the president,I can get it in an afternoon.,President, there is extraordinary work ability。”
Blue Xin listen this,I can’t help but laugh one side.。
There is such a arrogant,It will not feel boring。
“Ah Cheng,Let’s go first.,I also went to work.。”Blue Xin finished,Have a bit of a smuggling of the office。
At this time,Su Wei has also taken a little information from the office.。