Yan Bixia smiled nodded,Weak,Volume,Strong cough。

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“You a few,Montenegro is coming,I don’t want to die, I will hurry up.。”
Ghost hand wings stuck,Liao Wenjie speeds quickly,Let more than 10 female ghosts keep keep up with。General effect,These female ghosts fear Montenegro,Don’t dare to make your eyesight and confrontation,War is in the ground,I don’t want to leave with Liao Wenjie.。
“Let it go,It’s hard to get it.,What is your bodhisattva?!”
Yan Bixia, Baba, said,Turning to the ghost:“You don’t want to leave us,Stay only in the middle of the year,Nothing to die early……Go back,Mix into the kettle,Perhaps you can die late for a while。”
Listening to Yan Biansia,Female ghosts,Fume,Dragonfly fled privately。
“People have life,Forgive,Sometimes it’s not you want to save it.。”Yan Bixia pointed to the same kind of ashes on the ground,Women in order to escape,Opportunities have given up the opportunity to go through。
Liao Wenjie nodded,The wings rushed to the three people around Ningchen,Red line,Bring these two ghosts to half air。
Earth roar,The frequency of ghost wings is getting faster and faster.,A few times,Straight Dark Cangwei。
“Stinky boy,you……You used the magic work?”
The atmosphere changes in Liao Wenjie,Yan Bixia out of mouth:“I remember you said,This magic is very evil door,Once run,I can’t stop it.。”
“Be escaped,What is the magical power?,Moreover,I have a choice??”
“have,You put it down.,It is not worth it to die with you.,I don’t want to find the bones after many years.,Stimulated by the demon。”
“That’s probably not,Throw you down,As soon as the skull is taken by Montenegro.。”
Liao Wenji is gradually rich in red,Red line takes Yan Cabsia’s sword and long sword,Ask:“Yan Hexia,How to open a yin and yang road leading to the world?”
“The moment of the sword,You can shoot the sword.……Use my bow to shoot,You are not the owner of the sword,Can you easily open the ghost door like I。”
Yan Biai said,Sigh:“You should know,Even if you go to the world,Montenegro can also chase。”
“Be right,Can not be a little more than one point in the middle,In the world,At least there is a possibility of escaping the birthday。”
Instant to stand out of the sword,Liao Wenjie,Tear a bright channel front,Rushing out of Yin Ming with two ghosts。
Darkness,Human cloudy clouds,Liao Wenjie picks a less people who have a smoky,Dynasty wings。
Dark sky curtain,The sound of the rumble roared in the falling geese,Next second,Huge black shadow rushed to the shady,Roll no side。
That is a bone bone mixed black soil.,Exterior wall towering,City,A ghost fire blue light jump,Sweeping。Shoucheng soldiers waving weapons,Or put a whip to put a smashing prisoner,The voice of the ghost is like a cry,Runming the magic sound。
Qioli spoke array,Cry with relief,Deficiency and diminishing death is rolling,Tiandi suddenly dumb bleak,The boundless power is gallbling。
“Cui brother,A little faster,The monster behind will catch up with it.!”
“This is the fastest speed.。”
Liao Wenjie bite his teeth,Turned to see the body,Bite again,Fast three points。
The facts prove again,People are forced,No, no way,I don’t know where I have the potential.。
“This city,Is it……Dead city!?”
Yan Biai was smashed by the Red Line,Whole people are over half,It seems to be it seems,It doesn’t matter if you die.,Not anxious at all。
He carefully got a getting involved in the city,Self-speaking:“The Diamond is destroyed is Montenegro.,So the dead city is his true body……Nor,Involved in the dead city,It is necessary to make a good time.……”