In public for private,Whether it is from the stronger to have a higher status,It’s the angle that makes the Qiyao Heavenly God of Zhongshan Mansion stronger,Need the strongest deity to lead the seven lunar gods。

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of course,In fact, there is a slight deviation between the two。
Seven Lights,Most of its magical powers cannot be used,The supernatural powers of the body can’t be expressed on the body of the Qiyao Heavenly God,Some of the magical powers that have burst out can’t be used。
The pure realm exerts a greater influence on the strength of the Seven Luminaries。
But Li Ming didn’t stop,The most powerful thing about Xiong Gutian is that practice《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》The body。
The god of Raene is about to be almost,After all, Li Ming will not give away at will《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》This top supernatural power,His own divine body is almost equivalent to a pure sun lower grade magic weapon。
Of course, the god of Raene joins Li Ming’s command,He also gifted magical powers,But it’s biased towards the supernatural power of power burst。
Besides the supernatural powers,Xiong Gu Tianshen only understands《Like heaven and earth》、《Three heads and six arms》Supernatural powers,、。And the status of Raene God in the Three Realms is much higher,Have more magical powers,On supernatural power,In fact, the gap between the two sides is not big。
In that case,Li Ming with a magic weapon,Let the two of them fight together,No need to prohibit the use of magical powers,Lest you be restrained、
Chapter Fourteen Learn from
Within the cave,This is a very deserted space,Without any creatures,It’s a space dedicated to Li Ming to practice formations。
This magic weapon,It is a pure anode product,The space contained inside is about the size of a county in the big world,There is also Li Mingbu’s formation restriction,It is easy to resist the attack of Li Dao’s threshold。
Raene is ugly、And Xiong Gu Tianshen is staring at a black bear head。
But these two ugly guys,They are the two strongest gods under Li Ming。
Raene Tianshen should be shorter,Of course if needed,It’s easy to change body size as a god,He just maintains his most familiar body size,Although short,But very stout。His hands,It is a black stick weapon with countless twists and turns,The secret pattern is blood red,And every purple thunder is jumping and tumbling。
Just watching this weapon,I can feel a scorching breath from the bottom of my heart。
Xiong Gu Tian Shen is tall and strong,Every black hair stands straight up,“Qian”Drew the sword,A misty blade power emerges above the blade。Sharp and weak,
“The third state of the power of the sword?”Raene god with a trace of astonishment。