“Group is gone!Group is gone!!!”Although Xiao Zhao was accidentally shot and taken away by pineapple,But I still see it vaguely on the gray screen“Sand Guard”’S arm hit the pineapple’s body,So excitedly shouted。

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“Oh my God,Actually killed the opponent……”Shunzi said with emotion。
“1change5!Great!”Cao Anna almost jumped up excitedly。
“Be careful!Anna!and also‘Sand Guard’!Everyone must be careful!”Guo Yinzhe reminded below。
“You see!The forgotten city seems to be collapsing!”
The flowers and plants members standing on the heights saw it really,The entire undulating thousand-year-old city seems to be shaken by some mysterious force,From the center ruins“Camel skin roll”After being taken out,Began to collapse,All the sand on the ground was poured up,And the towering sand walls that originally stood collapsed one by one,on
Like dominoes,The power of destruction is transmitted layer by layer。
And the members of the Flower and Grass team who were busy fighting with the Oscar team just now did not notice,Now I see such a spectacular sight,Can’t help but tremble in my heart,It seems that the 36th plan is the best plan!
“Run away!”Shunzi shouted。
Cao Anna、Feng Xichuan reacted,Immediately not afraid of danger,From“Sand Guard”Jumped off his neck,It’s hard to lose a lot of blood。
“Run here!!!”Anna Cao shouted,She passed the driver career“Reliable partner”Innate induction,I can feel where I parked when I just entered Sand City。
So the four members of the flower and grass team are in a straight line,Ran into a narrow sand track,And four“Sand Guard”Follow closely,They swing huge sand fists,Smash the sand walls on both sides of the sand road。
“Bah bah bah!Bah bah bah!”
The yellow sand in the air entered Feng Xichuan’s mouth,Guo Yinzhe also used his body to protect Cao Anna from a part of Sha Kuai which was shot by shrapnel.。
at last,The four of the Huacao team ran out of the slender sand road,And turned around,The sand walls on both sides of the back are completely unrecognizable。