Solemnly,Ghost knows where this dark thing is,Anyway, it is not in the rain.。

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For the exploration ability of the transfusion eye, he is still confident.,Even if you don’t have much, you may escape his exploration.。
Unless he is hidden in a deep underground,But obviously impossible,Who will hide yourself so deep?。
Spring has identified it in his heart.,Treating the go of other people。
Now the plot has been changed much by him.,Don’t do things, you can’t do it as before.。
“Forehead,I have forgotten what?MD,Fire Temple!”Spring,Then the instant expression is twisted.。
He actually forgot,The flying sections and corners are covered in the temple of the fire.。
I don’t know if I have already sealed the second tail.,But he can’t get rusade now.,There is no way to shoot the two people.。
“Ugh,Couldn’t help but”Signs。
Good in the empty leaves,Otherwise, he really regrets it.。
“Arrived”Xiao Nan’s voice came。
Springs footsteps,I have seen it.。
“No bar,This small house”Springs look at a simple door,Surprised。
He is not satisfactory at this moment.,This is too much attention to it.。
“Feel bad,You can leave,But if I hear any information about our information,We will all chasing you”Xiao Nanzhi said。
“Forget it,I will be a little.”Quan Wei directly walked in the past to open a simple door。
Spring decided not to be with women。
The room is a normal bedroom,There is also a book on the side。
Not too clean,Spring is lying on the bed.。
“Forehead,This is too hard.”Spring emoticon。
“Well stay here,The information that will give you a task”Xiao Nan faintly said。
The door is seriously closed.。
“Ugh,Finally, I will come in.,The big snake pill is must go,But how do you get his ring?”Spring 躺 躺。
Spring can not want to come back.,Is it a more convenient to get information?。
The following things are surrounded by reading,Even if Quanqi changed the plot,This situation will not change many。
And he must give yourself a reasonable identity.。
Just knowing that he is not doubting his intentions,So he must get the rings of big snake pills.,Join the official name。
Chapter 30 Small south
“came back”Pethen said faintly。
Xiaonan came out of the darkness。
“Why do you want to arrange this task?,Big snake pill is not good to deal with,Empty ring is not so easy to find”Payne continued。
The empty ring is what he makes it.,Can remotely pass image and Chakra,There is also the ability to track the location of the wearer。
But he has lost his empty ring for a long time.,It seems that it should be sealed by the big snake pill.。
Spring does not cause big snake pills,Just find the essential ring basics。