A poached,A person who is incarnating to capture the hegemony of the Oriental Region,And you will walk overseas。

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“I also don’t pay attention to your heart.,I will take you to a place.,Just when I will receive two bits this day.,Old three,Beckham,Can you give me a face??”North Yinyang looked at this Oriental Yin and Lin Feng Road。
“Oh,I want to see what you do.。”Dongfang Yin Wen Yan Wen。
“Let it go。”Lin Feng heard the silence。
Bei Yanyang heard the words immediately, his figure walked to Zhongzhou City.,Lin Feng and Dongfang Yin’s figure,The three people came to the sky in the moon to teeth lake.,Three people just stayed,The figure of the Northern Yinyang walked to the Zhongzhou Railway Station。
His figure falls from the sky。
Lin Feng and Dongfang Yin’s figure also landed in the train station,A train is driving,This shipment is the opening of Nanling to Zhongzhou City.k00001train,This train moves slowly。
The lobby still sounds the sound of the sound。
“Passengers,Nanling is driving to Zhongzhou Cityk0001Secondary train,I have already started,Please take the passengers to manage your own baggage items。”
Lin Feng heard this figure,A chasting,Go back to the days between the days,It’s just to embark on this general train.,Only let yourself encounter Becai on the train.,Your own destiny has changed。
Dongfang Ying hooks the train quietly。
“Old three,I now ask you a word.,Let you re-select,Will you still embark on this general train??”Bei Yanyang carrying hands,It turned it to look at Lin Feng Road calmly。
Lin Feng heard the words quiet。
“If you didn’t embarked on this general train,Then there is no Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,No magic,The third brother is probably a college student who is struggling for a house.。”It is a young man who is chasing the car between the northern yin and yang talking.,These people have a lot of graduation college students。
“No Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,No magic,The trajectory of this world will develop in another direction。”North Yinyang once again:“Beckham’s fate is probably being killed on the train.,Even escape this fate,Also along another trajectory,Down to Dragon,Take the boy with the dragon,Beckham is still tragic。”
“You are too young to see Babi.?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Sheah?Gold level forces?In the eyes of the world,But in our eyes,It’s just a minimal power.,Or no difference in our eyes and a bronze force。”Bei Yanyang is laughing and laughing:“Can’t change at all,you have not answer my question yet,tell me,If you let you re-select,Will you step on this general train??”
Dongfang Yin went on the body of Lin Feng,It seems that I also want to listen to Lin Feng’s answer。
“I will?”Lin Feng wondered quietly looking at this general train muttered,If you don’t stand,Later, there is no chamber of commerce,No magic,There are no many brothers who die for the Chamber of Commerce.,His mind will never forget the moment of Cheng Tianlong’s grandfather to die.。
Willow will not be harmful。
“You may not answer this question.。”North Yinyang faint road:“Take much more,Many things you can never be clear。”
NS1085chapter Golden Dragon
“Yes,I thought many times this question.,But I can’t find an answer.。”Lin Feng heard a deep breath:“Just think more,The more tired in my heart。”
“Your destiny has an accident,And I am not the same,My destiny is already set up.,It’s like a system.,Can only go forward to a goal,Or my existence is for this so-called great goal.,And I can’t give up。”Bei Yanyang carrying hands touching:“Once give up,The whole family will be destroyed for hundreds of years.,The sacrifice of countless family strong will be completely useless.。”
Lin Feng heard the words,But I can’t think of this.。
“All I sometimes really envy them。”North Yin Yang pointed to a group of people who boarded the train:“How much,At least you can control your own fate.。”
“Yes,The things they carry are too small.。”Lin Feng heard the quiet road。
“Old three,When the Taishan Huai,Big Brother once found me,And I negotiated,Let me don’t move the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”North Yinyang Road:“When the eight-year power is coming,Some people in Tang have received the notice.,However, the people who were treated by Tang family came down.,I only know these things afterwards.。”
“what?Why don’t you explain??”Lin Feng heard the slight loss。
“Is some things explained??”North Yinyang Road:“I ask you,If you are a Tang family,You get this message,How will you do??According to the original situation?”
“I?If it is my words,I am afraid I will conceal this message.。”Lin Feng heard the words and silenced。
“So don’t blame your big brother in your heart.。”North Yinyang Road。
“I naturally know。”Lin Feng heard the words,Heart is rising in the heart,Take a time today to see Tang Bihu。
“Beckham,I know that your avatar,Don’t deny your identity,The pain that you have to bear in the middle is unimaginable.,Or we can’t imagine this life.。”North Yinyang looks at the East Yusong:“But the old three is negative.,He just got a regular person of a relic.,Climb up from a humble weak person,All the initial points of this are to be with you.,In order to counter the dragon,He pays less than you pay,But this world is afraid that only one of him can do this.。”
Dongfang Yin did not speak。
“Woman including him,It’s all arranged by you.,You don’t deny this.?”North Yinyang once again:“So I hope that you can also resolve this mustard between you and the third,In the future。”
“Humph!”Dongfang Yin Wen Yan Wen:“I don’t have to manage my business.。”Her body suddenly rises an evil airflow,With suffocation and grievance。