Dozens of Yuan Ying。

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Compared with the powerful of Yuan Yingfeng,Still a slightly better。
The annual momentum is watched to the female fairy。
The female fairy laughed.。
But this smile is not beautiful.。
it’s easy to see,She is not intended to attack these people.,Even some disdain。
in this way,The hard collision allows the star of the Star Society to have a huge vibration。
Zikui frightened everything in front of him。
As the stars like glass fragments,Sprinkle outside,Mourish:
“Hundreds of years of star school is headquartered.。”
but,Who cares??
The synergy of these Yuan Yingqiang,In front of the exterior of the female fairy,Like ant-like,Almost instant,Instant crash。
“Do not,I can’t die.。”
“I am 100 years old.,I,I。”

Faced with this completely does not leave a punch,Have more fear,How is it before dying?。
Rolled by one by one,Directization is no trace of dust disappearing。
When you kill this dozens of Yuan Yingqiang,The female fairy disappeared。
Lin rang stared at the front,In front of the expression,But in the heart, I am very disappointed.:
Fairy fist power is too big,I can’t leave even my bones.。
At this moment, the star of the star learned is not only a fear in the eyes of the forest.,But there is a kind of emotion called honor。
The purple rules walked to the forever:
“Dare to explain,How do we now??The headquarters of the Star Society is also destroyed into this look.,I am afraid that I can’t let us hide.。”
“Tibetan?Do we need to hide??”
The main temple:
Now they don’t need to hide,There is a lingering adult,Others hide still almost。
Purui is getting more and more daring。
Zikui said:
“Star learned to have a lingering adult, naturally, no need to fear anyone,But the apprentices and our people are low.,Useful。”