Li Hui has opened several Chinese medicine to Xu Dashan in the house.,嘱 服。

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Xu Dashan also directly regards Li Hui’s people as a goddess.。
If not,How can Li Hui Feng may so thin?,It can be found out outside Xu Kun.。
There is also the disappearance of the gold needle,Just like the fairy space。
Just Li Hui Feng prepared to ask when Xu Kun was dissatisfied.,Not far, it is a voice that came out.。
Xu Kun heard the voice,Eye beads are constantly moving,Think about how to sell。
Cai Qiuyu is also extremely good to please hairy,Even the long hair is three times in front of the brothers, the face of her secrets,She is all endured。
Because she knows,As long as you take it down,That is money.。
“Long hair brother,This is the front.,You can revenge for our family Akun.。”
Xu Kun heard Cai Qiuyu for his own voice.,A young white face。
Finally, it is biting the teeth and crying.。
“呦 呦疼 死,very painful,Murder,Murder!”
Chapter 767
Enter Xu Kun, this scorpion opened,Directly crying。
I heard Xu Kun’s crying,Long hair is more eye-catching。
He knows clearly,This is the secret number of Xu Kun and Cai Qiuyu,Also, he will have a good price for a while.。
Xu Dayama net,Directly opened by the younger brother under the long hair.。
See Xu Kun on the corner,Continuous mourning,Chang Mao is feeling that Xu Kun has not been able to take this piece when it is.。
“Akun,What’s wrong with you?
Akun,Who is playing you?”
Cai Qiuyu saw Xu Kun, which was in the corner, was also immediately rushed.,I want to help the other side.。
As a result, I helped up the roots of Xu Kun.。
Because he is sitting on the ground, this old half day,Early frozen,What’s more, Li is still unloading him with a leg.。
“呦 雨,Don’t help,You have to let my brother want to say something.,I can’t be so white.。”
Autumn rain is also a nod。
Li Hui Feng and Xu Ru Yu Lou in the house in the house.,I feel that these people can shoot a big movie.。
That acting can even kill a lot of fresh meat。
It’s just a true meaning.,I don’t know, I thought it was a dead end.。
The long hair looked at the autumn rain.,A kind of appearance,Long hair is also upright,Si Cai Qiuyu wiped tears。
“do not Cry,Today, this brother is tuned.,Less one million,There is a count in this room today.,No one wants to go,Who is dare to go,I made him lying in the hospital this year.。”
Say this,Long hair directly makes an eye。
Let the younger brother get out of the house。
No waiting for the other side to enter the house,Li Hui Rong and Xu Ru have been taken away.。
As Xu Ru is coming out,Li Hui is directly ignored。
The beauty of the beautiful fall is compared to the contrast of the swan and pheasant.。
The cold scorpion,It is even more desire to conquer.。