“Thirty six parties!”

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This treasure is still very popular,Finally, it was bought by a cultivator shrouded in a gray mist。
The second magic weapon,Yuan Palace Hall,Similar to Li Ming’s Peeping Heaven Tower,It’s a treasure that accelerates time。
of course,This treasure is still useful to the world,If it’s a Daoist, I’m afraid it’s not very useful。
This treasure,But fewer practitioners are needed,This is also normal。Time acceleration would also consume the life of the practitioner,It doesn’t make much sense to use this treasure。
In the end, the price of the Wufang Chaos Spirit Liquid was bought by Yizuo。
The third treasure,‘Blood Refining Sword’,It’s a set of nine evil swords!The nine-handed magic swords are all the highest level of Tao,The reserve price is 500 cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid。
This set of magic weapons,Absolutely the ultimate magic weapon of Tao!
This treasure,There is no chance for the ancestors to intervene,A total of eight people from the world joined the auction,In the end, the price was raised to the price of 900 cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,But it was bought by a disciple of the Azure Sect。
The fourth treasure,A bottle‘Bi Xue Ling Xin Pill’,The reserve price of eighteen directions of Chaos Spirit Liquid。Its function is to stimulate the understanding of practitioners。But this treasure is useful for ordinary worlds,But it’s useless for Daojun。Li Ming’s soul is comparable to a Taoist monarch,Naturally did not buy。
Fifteenth treasure,Is three‘World One Heart Pill’,That is the pill to force the ancestor gods and ancestors to break into the world realm,Probably equivalent to a weakened version of the Pill of Stealing Heaven。A life-and-death world pill is for those who exceed and the ancestors of the Chaos Age,It is equivalent to the world-level consummation。