“I have already contacted a lot of investment institutions and sovereigntfund these days.,About a lot of people,Some publicity activities are also arranged,Basically arranged。

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The first road is available24No,That is, the day after tomorrow,Opening in Hong Kong first,Then fly in Singapore,Prepare25Roadshow in Singapore。
After the end, Fly in London,Make a quick turn,27Start,in London、Edinburgh、Frankfurt,Open Europe。
Subsequent United States,First in San Francisco、Boston,Last No. 4 ended in New York,The roughly schedule is these。”He Jiayi simple introduction。
Wang traffic nodded,24Start,4Receipt,11sky,Eight road movement,Turn down a circle,It is basically equivalent to a circle around the earth.,This is really a veritable flight mode.。
“Means of,I only have free time left tomorrow day.,From the day after tomorrow, it will be connected.?”
He Jiayi smile,Shake the head:“Do not,I haven’t come yet and tell you.,In order to facilitate road performance,Wang, you have to shoot a promo.,This is more convenient to introduce yourself to investors.。
Planning and photography I have been looking for you.,I started shooting tomorrow.。
so,Accurate point,starting from tomorrow,You have to turn over the axis.。”
have to,I haven’t been there tomorrow.……The king shook his head helplessly,But also understand,I want to make investors and willing to buy,Foundation is ready to be in place。
I have already predicted this will be very busy before.,It doesn’t matter to this。
Going to the side of the side,A party gets on the bus,Leaving the airport。
He Jiali is still a matter to work with the king.,So I have a car with the king.,No waiting,I saw the king, I have been very interested in watching the window.,A little good:“Does Wang have to come to Hong Kong for the first time??”
Wang traffic nodded,Live in two years,He is really ahead of Hong Kong.。
He Jiayi smiled:“That is really regrettable.,This is a bit tight,No way to take the king, you have turned it.,Waiting back,I will take you to visit Hong Kong.。
The mainland will start a little late.,Although it is growing,But the degree of prosperity,Still Hong Kong, the east beads of the East, slightly better。”
Wang Liyu,That is for sure,Mainland78Year is changed,Go now full of full-scale25year,Even progress,Also arrived in Hong Kong, this has accumulated the international financial center of hundreds of years.。
But from one poor two white,It has developed to the current situation in this short time,It is not easy.。
I feel secret in my heart.,Suddenly I saw a lot of people in front of the roadside.,What seems to be snapped up?,The scene is very hot,Be different from,I saw a store before,I gathered a lot of people in buying,The king is a little good:
“Is there any shopping festival in Hong Kong??”
He Jiali sweeps out of the window,Laugh:“no,Recent Guangzhou、Shenzhen there is mad,Said that there is a kind of strange disease is circulating,It is said that many people have been dead.,It is also a bit nervous here.,Probably I want to make a good thing in advance.。”
Strange disease?
Wang traffic,Then the mind flashes a thunder in an instant.,Let him suddenly think of a thing,03year,SARS!
Time is too long,I almost forgot before,03There is such a big thing in the year.。
If it is said according to Heather 1,That’s ten nine or nine, it’s not a class.。
The king is surprised,The expression suddenly a little downtime,Don’t come late early,How can I come at this time??
If he didn’t remember,Hong Kong seems to be a hitty of SARS,At the moment, Tian Sheng is listed soon.,Not because of the epidemic,What changes do you have again??
It’s not a big thing.,Top more is delayed,Wait until then,Most critical matter,He is coming,Will not be unlucky to infection??
The king is inexplicably,Although it is normal,The chance is not very large,But chance this thing,Didn’t touch it is not big,But in case of it.,That is 100%.。
Especially always,SARS,The death rate seems to be quite high.……
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The more I want to know more,Maturity,Did not dare,Just passing a pharmacy,He is just:
He Jia Yixia:“How about Wang?”