I owe a big money in the bank.,At the time of pledge, the bank will also calculate the risk.,It is generally impossible to borrow full,The seven or eighth generations that can borrow mortgage assets are quite good,Arno is really hard to borrow money from the bank.,So I will find Chen Linzhi seeking help here.。

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Arno listened to this,Suddenly understand that I want to make Chen Linzhi out of the help.,Everyone is a savvy businessman,He is not concerned about this,Emotion is still calm,Tell:“Since I take overlvhAfter the chairman of the group’s board,The company’s turnover and profit growth rate are very fast,Brought more considerable benefits。Maybe you can lend me a money,Interest can be higher than the bank’s loan interest rate,You can also sign a gambling agreement,For example, determine a number,Commitment If the income does not meet your expectations,I will repurchase this batch of shares with a price that makes you satisfied.,These are all available。”
Chen Linzhi does not move,Considering how to rob。
In fact, he also understands,Invest in this agelvhgroup,Even afraid of a loss due to high prices in the short term,In the long run, I will not lose money.,I need to understand in the final analysis.,Nothing is worthless……
NS461chapter Singapore trip
Chen Linzhi did not give Alo clear reply,Just say that it will follow a fewlvhGroup shareholder contact,Learn about the details of the acquisition, who is behind the problem, etc.。
Seeing him not clearly refused,For Alnu, it is already a good signal.,After all, no matter wholvhGroup’s shareholders,The impact on Chen Linzhi is not big,Arno can’t expect him to have a fire like himself,People who owe a ass, not Chen Linzhi。
Continue to stay in Stuttgart Chen Linzhi,While frequent contact with Porsche,Also taking time to go to the local attractions to turn。
Big shareholder,It is inevitable that it takes a powerful,For example, in cooperation with some world top automobile technology research and development centers,It is planned to launch a ratio through Porsche brand.911Sports car positioning higher new models,And further develop high performance version911Car,This part can solve this,Calculate trouble。
In addition to these trivia,Other time is equal to the holiday,After the successful translation of the newspaper content,Chen Linzhi got out of the foundation of the two morally merged atmospheres。
Considering that East Germany and Side were forced to cut off,Behind the shadow of the United States and the Soviet game,Recently, Dongde,Active advancement of mergers,Plus the Soviet Union take the benefits and retreat,Can’t take this side,It is already unified for the two Germans to clear the last layer of obstacles.。
It is not just how to merge it at present.,Avoid disputes,In this thing, the Siede is large.,More than half will be lost,But from the long run,The benefits are also obvious,The billions of dollars that have been laid out temporarily have no need to evacuate。
After eating a few small losses,Chen Linzhi began longjaissance,When considering the problem, you will repeatedly scrutinize.,Check the deficiency。This time, in the multimake project, planting the head,It’s because Ignore the presence of the empty,Dongde’s economic strength is not bad,More than 1,600 people,So what he wants to think that the international tour will follow himself.,Viewed the appreciation potential of West Germany。
Porsche company is working in the class,According to Chen Linzhi design, slow development。
Tetrate·Porsche meal,Chen Linzhi then continued to start,All the way to French 4th largest city Toulouse。
The southwestern Toulouse has built a satellite city named Mila.,The headquarters of the Airbus company is there。
Change the idea of a four big plane has already been produced,Chen Linzhi determines that I want to buy,Just temporarily don’t want to buy which company’s products,Airbusa340Boeing747Between swinging。
Each advantage between the two aircraft,Airbusa340Still in research and development,Technology may be more advanced,Boeing747Has been produced for many years,Although there are many accidents,It can really don’t have much accident due to the quality of the aircraft itself.,And Boeing has ready-made modification experience,Faster time,If you want to spend more money,It is likely to take only more than a year.。
This time I came to Toulouse Air Tire Headquarters,Chen Linzhi received the enthusiasm,However, just meet with the air passenger executives.,His hearts have been reversed to Boeing747,the reason isa340Even the success of R & D is uncertain,It is likely to wait for five or six years to get the hand。
Therefore, decisively send people to touch with Boeing.,I hope to get my hand at the fastest speed.,Strive to give a money to the airline,Direct intercourse,Early put your hand to enjoy……
Visitors may feel that the French historic small town is beautiful,Chen Linzhi is used to it.,Mainly his own luxury home is more luxurious.,Of course, there is no need to envy people living in the exquisite old building.。
Moreover, many buildings in Europe are actually just look good.,The renovation of the renovation is probably the style before half a century.,Just like the skyscrapers in New York Many centuries,Jin Yu’s extraction。
Come to the Airbus Headquarters,Just just a short stay for a day,When Chen Linzhi, Chen Linzhi returned to the airport.,After eating dinner in the VIP area,Put the destination of the next stop for Singapore。
He has industries in Singapore,For example, the seaside villa is being built,And Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore,Some funds in addition to this、Stock investment,Although the amount is not the layout in Hong Kong.,Add up to hundreds of millions of dollars。
The reason why decided to go to Singapore,Don’t want to examine,Purely because of the money known in the early years,He was sent by him to Singapore National University。
The university that can choose at the time is actually a lot.,Hong Kong City has been poisoned by the British.,Teacher, I like to use English.,And the procedures in Baodao are more cumbersome.,Select the selected national university,Tuition fees and living expenses, Chen Linzhi, I have already called her one time.,A total of 50,000 dollars,Not allowing her to spread waste,But will not live too bad。
Singapore of this era,Not so developed after decades,Living costs are still slightly cheaper than Hong Kong City,英 马马马马马 的 英文 英 英,Choosing Singapore is definitely convenient than going to Europe and the United States.。
With this novel plane,Sleep sleep,Wake up。
After the plane landed behind Singapore,Chen Linzhi took the Rolls-Royce sedan sent by Shangri-La Hotel in the airport.,Check in in the Presidential Suite in the hotel。
4month,Local climate is pleasant。
This hotel is situated in a 15-acre garden,More than 700 rooms,When I got on the floor, Chen Linzhi asked the hotel manager.,It is understood that the usual occupancy rate can be maintained at 60%.,wedding、feast、The meeting and other projects are also very popular。
Standing in the window window,Blue open-air swimming pool,Coconut tree and palm trees with a pool,After investing this hotel, I haven’t seen much reward.,But according to the current check-in rate,As long as you can continue to keep it,High potential to calculate local real estate appreciation,Profit is only a late day or later。
Come to the address book,Find Qian Wei in the local contact information,Chen Linzhi once again discovered,It turns out that the telephone number of the Dormitory Management Department,So choose to let the other party help to transfer the mouth letter,I didn’t go directly to Singapore National University to find her.。
I have been run around the world in recent days.,Although it is very fulfilling,Can be tired in your body。
This is intended in bed.,Soon, I am fascinated into the dream.,This is enough for more than six hours.,After being woke up by the phone, listened to the secretary.,Only I know that Qian Yu has come early.,Waiting for him in the hotel’s lobby。
Surround clothes,Wear short sleeve shorts,Chen Linzhi brushed his teeth under the floor,Waiting for her,I only see the money.,Unlike the past, she is always rustic,Dress up today, many,And also hot hair……