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“Alcantus, I think you will regret it in the future.,Give this thing to me。”
If the night is not wrong,Future Alcantius,Looks like Jade Princess。
The reason why Alcantios is still not ideas for jade,Probably a small Loli’s tablet is not looking at?
But the night is always,Alcantus now is a bit green……
Retirement Alcatello’s good intention,Night, I have said to him.。
After the Knight Medal,Alcarius also said,The princess is allowed to build a knight group first.,She will wait for the night to help her in Wang.。
“Is this the medal of the Knight Knight??It looks valuable。”
“Fool,This is the medal of the Knight.,Unlike ordinary goods。”
“How do you say that the night is now an official knight?,Which one is protecting the princess??”
Alcantios just left,Naz and Gray also have Lucy,A type of cat is squeezed up.,The knight medal in the hands of the night is curious.。
“Why reject the Knight’s kindness,Go to Wang,With the night, your strength,It should be able to reuse it.?”
Ai Laha embedded,Looking at Alcanta, Alcanta, inadvertently asked。
“But that is not what I want.,And I also promised you.,To join『Fairy Tail』。”
Night, show, smile, answer,Where is the king, how to do things with the protagonist?
And is it clear??If you want to complete the task soon,Take more contact with these protagonists。
He has come to this world so long,Only triggered a task,Just follow『Fairy Tail』get in touch with,I will trigger the second task soon.。
If you said before the night,and『Fairy Tail』The people in people have violated,So after this time,No doubt is completely integrated at night.『Fairy Tail』。
Everyone is in the magic review of him before.,Prepare a person to take all the behaviors quite admire,Also directly recognized this new partner。
Macarov is almost,Originally, he thinks that the strength of the night is so strong.,The previous origin is not clear,Still worried that he joined『Fairy Tail』Don’t have a heart。
But after this time,There is also night before you don’t want to abandon『Ghost』,Difficult Magic Collection,Let him completely recognize the night this person。
At that kind of life and death,Can also show the magist of the determination,It is impossible to be innermost people。
and『Fairy Tail』There is already a mysterious Mitzang.,Not afraid of one night。
finally,Get Makarov『Fairy Tail』Crowd,The night is officially added『Fairy Tail』。
Mira also took out the seal of the guild,Help night printed guild tattoo。
Night guild tattoo is white,Printed in the right hand back。
Then it is naturally a carnival.,This time is not yet defeated『Ghost』,And the night, I also added them.,Although the guild buildings become broken,But also resist the enthusiasm of everyone。
Macaho and Wakaba will be 哉 哉,Ask the girl’s girl drifting,The jade princess is not a beautiful woman.?Is there a girl with their guilds so beautiful??
Two married old colors,As the biggest batch of the guild,Not only no longer,I still have a variety of meats all day long.。