“Hey,Here, the business department,What A cat, dog is coming in?”

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“I see your life is high.,Don’t worry about you,Come and roll。”
Shen Xuan big hand,Very simply。
what,Annual thing is high?
Qian Hua will only be forty years old this year.,50 years old,How can I calculate a high year??
“Shen Xuan,I have blind your eyes,This is the money of our thousands of people, and the people of China。”
“Not coming over,And Visters。”
Li Lei stands beside the money again,A very dog leg。
Money again,A very useful look。
Other colleagues see,Faced a surprise。
And Shen Xuan,His mind,A prompt sound。
“Rest for 20 minutes,Become a chairman of Qianhao Group。”
originally,Shen Xuan is only a department manager,Vice,He does feel scared。
but now,That’s different.。
Shen Xuan has become the chairman of Qianhao Group,In the face of money again,Will he be afraid??
obviously,Can’t at all.。
Look at the money again,Shen Xuan is very light。
“Vice director,Very great??”
what’s the situation?
Other people,This situation,I don’t understand very well.。
Money is also the same:“Humph,Nothing is nothing,but,Can determine if you can stay in this company。”
“Now,Go to financial settlement wages!”
Chapter III,He is the chairman
“You are this,To expel me?”
Shen Xuan stood up,Rao, I have fun, the money, I will。
“Be right,People like this,Stay in the company,Just harm the horses,so,Pick up something and hurry。”
“our company,No you like you!”
Qian said again,Next to,Li Lei came upright thumb。
Originally Li Lei was directed by Shen Xuan to pack the entire office.,He is still quite complained。
but now,Qian Hua, this exit,Let Li Lei have a grievance。
“Still yourself, you know,Help our company clean up a hidden danger in time。”
Li Lei turned into Shen Xuan:“What do you see?,Didn’t you hear it?,Vice Dong let you pack something。”
around,other colleagues,Also didn’t react。