“I don’t know what friend you are talking about,I do not know you!”

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The motorcyclist said anxiously:“Return the car keys to me,The Burning Heavens are coming soon!”
The more the other party says that,Chen Xiuyue is suspicious,Suddenly remembered what Gu Rimou said to me:“The time of crisis is the day of meeting!”
Chen Xiu trembled all over,Suddenly know who the other party is!
“Zi Lin,It’s you!”
The motorcyclist was shaking,Said in a trembling voice:“I……I’m not……”
Now Chen Xiu is more sure of his guess,I pressed my hands on her helmet and pulled up。
The rider wanted to force Chen Xiu’s arm apart,It’s just how powerful Chen Xiu is now,She won’t move。
Motorcycle helmet is lifted,Revealing an impeccable face,There is also black and beautiful hair。
Who is Wang Zilin that Chen Xiu is not thinking about?!
“Zi Lin!”
Chen Xiu can’t stop the excitement in his heart,I took Wang Zilin into my arms。
“Rogue,let me go!”