Chapter One Cartial wood

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Border of the fire country,A huge tree is standing there,It is in the body,Heavy towering into the cloud。
The rough trunks make people under the tree have to be amazed.,It’s too big.。
Tree trunk also surrounds the wooden steps,Spiral upward,Already extended to the cloud。
Walk through these steps,Pass through the cloud,You will find a huge platform there.。
Huge platform is supported by branches,And it is actually a city.。
There are people who come and go in the city.,It seems very prosperous。
Some people are flying out。
A large balcony。
“Is this your idea?,Have you ever thought about it?”Hui Night looked at the people who came to come and change。
“is this necessary?We have got a powerful power,It will also give them respect,They are friendly relative to us.,At least it is not always engraved with us”Quan Wei stood in Hui Night and said。
“Humph”Hui night cold,He knows that Spring is talking about himself.。
“After the Sky Parliament is established,Members still choose from humans,Nature of doing the Lord is them,And we are responsible for providing strength to protect them,Can also get benefits from them,This is a win-win situation”Spring continued to say。
“indeed,The method of spring is very good.”Sixth cactus nodded。
“and,I also gave them the direction of progress.,Immortal,Longevity,Once they are cultivated,Just signed a contract,So this kind of peace will continue”Spring said。
“It is what you said to absorb natural energy.”Huiji wants to say。
“Yes,For humans,They must have a strong chakra,Then master how to reduce your own spiritual fluctuations,Let the natural energy,Forming Xianke Chakra,Manufacturing,Seal the borders into the body,Let him provide him with natural energy”
“Humans under the long-lasting Xianke Chakra,Self-origin will enhance”
Spring explains what he thinks in cultural practice。
“But I am more willing to call natural energy is aura.,Xianke Chakra is the real yuan”Spring said。
“Let humans master this strength through cultivation!You will think so。。。。”Hui Night Shock。
“do not forget,I am also humanity,There are also a lot of your blood in humans.,They are strong, we are strong”Spring smiled and said。
Hui Night doesn’t speak again。
“Even later,We can also conquer other star farms in the universe.,Find other survival space for us”
“It is even more witnessed the world.,This is the meaning of life.,Otherwise it is so long.,Don’t you boring?”
Spring is excited。
Always stay here or later sooner or later,Waiting for the development of the science and technology,You can open the world’s world.。
Six cactors and Yun Village oppose eyes,Then look at the spring。
“All right,This is of course a matter of time after a long time.,I am so planned.,Don’t know your opinions”Spring asked。
“We have no opinions,Your idea is very good”The six cactors said。
“As long as you can fight against the big tube,I have no opinions.”Brilliant night。
“certainly,Let me talk about how to feel the aura.”
A purple sphere appears in the hands of the spring。
“We don’t have other troubles in practice.,Just reduce the fluctuation of yin will,Can slowly feel the natural energy,And if you reduce the fluctuation of your own future,Even can decompose natural energy”Spring smiles。
“Actually”Sixth cactus said。