But she replied to this formulation,But there is nothing to be too interested。

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“Ha ha,That is said to say this.,We can’t interview coaches.,Is it really a pity?。”
The two smiles,But the meaning of the two smiles is completely different.。
Continue the public officially asked several questions,According to the dependence, what did you think of?,Floating around the face with interest。
“correct,Can I ask a question that is not in plan??”
The palace clear text has not considered too long,Smile nodded。
“Before and after the game,Outside the venue or within the venue,Have you had some interesting,What is impressive??”
In fact, this problem,At most, it is not very suitable.。
Because if the player answers no,Or think about it for a long time,Will make the scene inevitably become embarrassed。
But since I can dare to ask this question,So nature is also ready。
“Interesting thing??”
Palace Qing Wen thinks for a two second,“Wilder of our team,Is a small fan in the other party。”
The face is a smile,Palace Qingwen continues:“However, his stars will be a bit special.,You also saw it.,He is chasingottoHit the most fierce。”
Yiyi expression slightly delay,Then I can’t help but“Hen”Smile。
“Really interesting,This kind of chasing star is probably only this one.。”
IGYIt has becomeLDLMost favorite team,There will be no countless people pay attention to their situation after the game.。
Seeing them, such as broken bamboo is generally taking victory.,Fans are naturally happy。
But on the network,aboutIGYMost popular,It is not about this game.,But the interview after this book doesn’t have much attention.。
“Is this a professional player??The way to chase the star is really a tide。”
“GrandfatheriNS,This is the masterIGYNS?Ye also wanted to go to chasing stars。”
“ask:What is the fastest way to cause your idol。answer:Beat him。”
Sand carving netizens have strong,After seeing this very interesting interview,Wu Gui is a fire.。
Popularity rapidly,Quite a power pressure Zhang An,Become the meaning of the second player in the team。
Chapter 46 Miyi arrival
“You really didn’t add her WeChat?”
“Really do not have,You are already the fourth time to ask this question.。”
The palace clearly looked at Wu Gui in front of himself.,He doesn’t know why,Wu Gui did so, I have added it.,The WeChat hosted by the woman called Yiyi。
Wu Gui has retired some,Some things still don’t believe。
“Shouldn’t,You are talking about it.,Pressing to add a WeChat is normal.。”
On the side of Zhang An, I’ll come over and a plate of peeled shrimp,I heard this,I can’t help but turn over a white eye.。
“What are you solemn??Do you like people??”
Wu Gui was asked such a question,Instantly rose red face。
“Do not……no,You don’t want to talk,I and Miyan Ge,That……That is just a teammate。”
Several peeling shrimp、The action of eat shrimp is at the same time,Then I can’t help but put the shocking gaze to Wu Gui.。
Wu Guihe and a few people turned to the eye,It seems that I don’t understand why they want to see yourself.,The mouth is can’t help but slowly reveal a smile.。
Take a while,He finally couldn’t help but began to hold his stomach. Haha laughed.,Laughing tears are almost coming out,This is not allowed to get rid of the air.:“
“you……you……I just opened a joke.,How is it really true??”
Everyone is relieved.,Liu Hao couldn’t help but complain:“Don’t make this joke,Otherwise, others are not very suitable。”
Yang Shu also nodded with the chicken.,Even if Wu Gui has explained clear,He is still not awkward。