“With your talent,Up to thirty years,I’m sure to let you step into the constant star,As long as you step into the constant star,You can take out part of the legacy your teacher prepared for you,It is entirely possible to register the ownership of the earth in the medium-sized country in the universe。So slave merchants dare not act rashly,After all, it’s hard to resist the imperial laws,The cost is huge for them。”

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“Of course even so,Earth’s human status will also be very low in the universe,Low status will naturally be bullied,Only you, earth, human beings have enough sense of competition,Able to practice and fight continuously,Improve one’s own strength。So that your earth can truly rise。”
“Of course if you are strong enough,For example, become the master,Then at least within the range of the medium cosmic country,You earth humans will naturally be respected。”
Spare a big circle,Li Ming also understands a bit,Keep these monsters,Create a proper sense of crisis,Conducive to more concentration and practice,To make the entire planet stronger:“Thank you,Babata。”Li Ming sincerely thanked Babata。
“Easy to say,Anyway, the earth was considered to be the planet of the master,In the future will be yours,Naturally the stronger the better。As for yourself,I still try my best to improve my strength。If you want to deal with those monsters,I will give you assault training for two months,Let the existing strength be maximized,Can kill any monster on the earth。But the foundation of cultivation is more important。”
“As long as you are strong enough,Everything will not be a problem!”
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Chapter 39 The Return
Alright, Li Ming,I just nagged you so much,You take you now。”Babata flips over,A black wrist appeared in his hand。
Li Ming curiously put this wrist on。
“This wrist,Is a common wrist in the universe,Not worthy。It’s just that there is a crystal core on the inner layer of the left wrist,This is the temporary residence of my intelligent life。
“You can throw away your auxiliary optical brain in the future,That kind of garbage,I have all the functions it has,Better than it。”
“Position in the universe,Auxiliary photobrain、Consciousness sensor、Life Manager and many other systems,All self-contained。”Babata says,“If you want to talk to me,Directly connected to the core crystal core,You can talk to me through consciousness。”
“the most important is,This crystal core also has storage space。There are a lot of supplies stored in it,It’s a treasure that you can get from your master before。
Li Ming’s eyes lit up。“Babata,Teacher, did he prepare some treasures for me?。”
“Your teacher and you are still plentiful。”Babata gave a white glance。
“The first is storage space items。”Black robe‘Babata’Wave of hand,A silver light flew into Li Ming’s hands,It is a seemingly ordinary silver ring。
“Storage space items can be made into many forms,Ring、Wristbands and so on。”Babata smiled,“But make‘Space ring’,Very difficult。It’s also a luxury in the universe。This space ring has a strange material,Can blend into your skin。”