A look at the watch,It’s almost eight o’clock,Xia Jian dialed Yao Junli’s number。The phone is connected soon。Yao Junli’s lazy voice came from inside:“Hey!President Xia!What’s wrong with calling so early?”

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This woman is a typical night owl,Not sleep at night,Can’t afford it during the day。Xia Jian still knows her better,So he waited until eight o’clock to make this call,I didn’t expect she was still asleep。
“I came to Pingdu,Which one want to see。Where are you now?If you have time, come with us!”Xia Jianyan said concisely。
Yao Junli yawned on the phone and asked:“you guys!Who are you with?”Although this woman hasn’t woken up yet,But I’m still very interested in Xia Jian’s words。
“President Wang from the United States and I,Which is the original vice president of the venture group,I don’t know if you met”Since Yao Junli asked that,Xia Jian had to answer truthfully。
Yao Junli heard Xia Jian say this,Unexpectedly, she then yawned and said:“I didn’t sleep all night last night,So tired。You go and watch!Let me talk about any questions”Yao Junli finished,Hung up。
Xia Jian holding his mobile phone,Foggy。Did you still say it well??Why didn’t he admit it when he turned his face??This woman changed her face,Faster than changing。Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。
At this moment, Wang Lin came out of the bathroom,She sat down at the coffee table,Eating breakfast,Said with a smile:“Old lover!You shouldn’t say it’s me,You should say it was with a man,She will definitely accompany us”
“but it does not matter,She won’t go if she doesn’t go!What’s the big deal。But you remembered it for me,Don’t mention that I came back from abroad。Today if someone asks,Just say that we two are small business owners”Wang Lin said,I pointed my finger at Xia Jian。
When Xia Jian heard Wang Lin say this,I really regret it。They were all too honest just now,Otherwise, Yao Junli won’t look like this。This woman’s mind gets smaller sometimes,Really smaller than the eye of a needle。
When Wang Lin has eaten breakfast,Xia Jian went downstairs and drove the car to the door of the hotel。Like his more than 300,000 car in Bucheon,Not long-term。Can go to Pingdu,The value of this car is naturally revealed。
Because I’m going to discuss business,So Xia Jian did it himself,Wipe the car from the inside out。He just wiped it,Wang Lin went downstairs。
Wait for Wang Lin to get in the car,Xia Jian drove towards the southern suburbs of Pingdu。Wang Lin looked out the car window,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Let you be my driver,I really dare not use it!”
“Damn!What is this?Didn’t you still be my secretary before?!It’s even”People are good face。Xia Jian said,Also give yourself a balance。
Ping city is not big,On the edge of the city,Wait for nothing。A mess everywhere,Not demolishing the house,Just half of the construction site。