“Nothing,Food matters,Don’t rush after eating”Xia Jian said with a smile。

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Xi Zhen is anxious,She smiled and said:“President Xia!You are not like this。Deputy Mayor Qin also cares about you,Do you treat other people’s kindness like this?”
Xi Zhen’s words made Xia Jian stunned.,He really feels sorry for Qin Xiaomin。He is angry with Chen Jiang,It’s not Qin Xiaomin。
Hesitate,Xia Jian took out his phone,He turned on the machine first,And then walked to the next room with no one,Hong Qin Xiaomin called。
One call,Qin Xiaomin asked angrily on the phone:“Xia Jian,What do you mean?Why turn off the phone?You and Mayor Chen have an opinion,I didn’t mess with you”
“Sorry,It’s me。But it’s okay,I relax,Wait until the sulking in my heart is gone,I will return”Xia Jian suddenly felt,He is really sorry for Qin Xiaomin。Everyone was working together,He left behind,Something wrong。
Qin Xiaomin froze for a while on the phone and said:“You can figure it out if you don’t come back,But what i want to tell you is,Donglin Township has entered a rainy season。According to city weather station forecast,The rainy season in Donglin Township is ten to fifteen days”
Qin Xiaomin hung up the phone in advance after speaking,Can hear it,She is very angry。
Back to the private room,The dishes on the table are all ready。It seems that Ruan Lingna did prepare in advance,Otherwise it’s not so fast。
Xia Jianyi seated,Ruan Lingna opened a bottle of liquor,She smiled and said:“Everyone hasn’t been sitting together for a long time,Drink tonight。The resort has recently been vacant,You can stay here and leave tomorrow morning!”
I didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Guo Meili rushed to say:“it is good!Shall we stay at the resort tonight!Although this place belongs to our venture group,But we really haven’t enjoyed it”
Guo Meili said so,Xia Jian was too embarrassed to dismiss。There is a saying,Ze Anzhi。But when Xia Jian was eating,I always feel something is wrong。
Confidant。When these people drink,But it’s endless。Guo Meili’s drink volume is not a boast,Plus a long-time winery Ruan Lingna,Xia Jian is miserable。
In addition, Lin Wei and Xi Zhen kept persuading Xia Jian,Xia Jian soon felt a little too drunk。Isn’t there a saying that you can use alcohol to relieve your sorrow and make you worry?Although Xia Jianren is drinking here,,But my heart is not at peace。He feels a little regret for his impulse。
Unconsciously,Xia Jian drank too much。How did he get back to the room,He doesn’t know at all。A nausea and thirst,Let Xia Jian wake up in the middle of the night。
He sat up hard,I found myself in the hotel room at the resort。Lights in the room,But he is alone on the big bed。
Xia Jian swayed out of the bed,I found a bottle of mineral water on the table and opened it,I drank it all in one breath。May be the reason for drinking some water,Xia Jian felt a little better in his stomach。
He just glanced at his watch now,I found it was just after three in the middle of the night。Xia Jian has been drunk many times,But never like this time,Disgusting to get up in the middle of the night。So it seems,He really drank a lot。