Tall black windbreaker man,Lift the left hand to block Chen Linzhi to hold the stone to his arm,Left hand,Targeting in his belly!

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The strength is called a big,Sound in thick flying,Still hurting Chen Linzhi can’t help but cough。
More miserable still behind。
Don’t see this man,Pink a flying,Chen Linzhi, about 140 pounds,Just kicked more than three meters,Keep back,Until the roadside barbed wire,哗 啦 啦。
Chen Linzhi’s hand is still not released yet.,Just stopped,Be hit by the other party with an elbow,Easy to deduct joints,Stick your neck and press on the ground,It is necessary to humiliate more,Just like a child is fighting with adults。
Until now Chen Linzhi is definite,This person is absolutely practiced,And the player is very powerful。
The neck is caught by the other party,Skin touch tells him,The hands are full of old,And the strength is very large。
Never struggle,Arm is twisted,I will hurt the cold sweat.。
Chen Linzhi in my heart,Where did this experience?,Frowning teeth,Say:“What is the hat?,Let you catch up with me.?”
“I have no hatred with you.,Take money to do things。
Besides,Be a man,Today, you first take me first.,I can’t stand it.,I am wrapped by you.”
NS7chapter Just meet neuropathy
Listen to the other party,Chen Linzhi put a little bit。
At least talk about,How to listen is like a madman,This means there is something to talk about。
The arm is still pressed behind him.,Anti-joint skills,Didn’t use your strength to press him on the ground,Let him move。
In order to avoid eating soil,Only side head。
Chen Linzhi was found for the second time in this person.,In addition to angry, you are helpless.,After all, try our best.,It can really play。
Tell:“Since you have no hatred,Can’t commit this to me?,I want money is not simple.,I recommend a stock to you.,Don’t earn ten times, come to me.,The head stretches to make you play。”
Bracket,Skill is not as good as people,But talk about money this thing,Chen Linzhi is too confident to make money.,I just saw this era.“Blue giant”,That isibCompany advertisement,Post on the bus,Means that the world is still the world,Your own memory can also be used。
I want to ask Chen Linzhi why she is not invested. Of course, there is no money.,The first bucket is still flying in the sky?,First, it is hard to be born on the ground.,Full face is dust。
“I only make money I have earned.,Can’t be bad。”
A tall man loosen,More than half think Chen Linzhi is not the opponent at all,Therefore, it is particularly calm,There is no need to prevent him to continue to do。
Laugh,Helping Chen Linzhi to help,Continue to tell:
“rest assured,This time I have different last time.,Last time someone wants me to scare you,Business has been knotted。This time is a new business,I have received money from the employer.,Come over to you as a month bodyguard,So you don’t have to be alert like a thief.。
If you want to do what you do?,You die ten times.,The grave grave begins to spare。I have a problem, I want to ask you.,Is it going to work in bus companies??Why is it a three-day car?,Also different routes,Almost let me feel。”
Chen Linzhi wants to understand,I always think that this person is lie to yourself.。
The reason is that you have no money.,Friends are also poor,How can someone spend money to help hire bodyguards?,What’s more, it doesn’t seem to be true in him.。
But I heard that I took a three-day car.,Chen Linzhi asked still the emperor:“Do you have a tracking me??”
“if not,I have never been discovered behind you.,I can touch your neck reach out.,I believe that I have no hostility for you.?”
Chen Linzhi,Continue asking:“Then I went yesterday.?”
“I know what you want to ask.,East toilet in Union Square,People who have borrowed paper with you are me。”
Miscellaneous,I remember that I really have a door panel yesterday.,Borrow paper with yourself,Chen Linzhi has a sweating behind it.。
Compared to what so-called bodyguard,In his opinion,And it’s still a metamorphosis。
I am afraid of a bad saying.,Cause trouble,Chen Linzhi felt still stayed away from this person,No-speechless:“I’m doing it again.,Your business is still very popular,I estimate that you are missing people.,Who will give me a bodyguard without no reason??In addition to your most dangerous,My life is calm,What is dangerous??”
“You have twin brothers?”